DOINews: Interior's Diversity Change Agent Program Launches

Last edited 09/29/2021

Among the Department's many initiatives for building and sustaining an inclusive workplace is the institution of a Diversity Change Agent program. The Office of the Secretary has established a cadre of fully committed and well-trained diversity change agents to affect and mobilize a critical mass of stakeholders to lead efforts to educate our workforce about diversity: what it is, why it is important, and how to guide people towards achieving it.

The Diversity Change Agent program goal is to foster a diverse, inclusive and welcoming Department of the Interior. They will also promote diversity and inclusiveness in various programs, e.g., employee recruitment and retention, cultural competency initiatives, employee engagement, and training and development.

In August, the Diversity Change Agents successfully completed a 5- day course of instruction that included the FranklinCovey® workshops Championing Diversity, Working at the Speed of Trust, Leading Across Generations, and Rethinking Stress.

The Diversity Change Agent initiative is the first milestone in a journey of inclusion. Interior employees will hear more from their respective Agents and from the Office of the Secretary as we continue to make this great place to work.


Diversity Change Agents (in alphabetical order):

James Anderson, Ophelia Anderson, Robert Arzola, Jose Bautista, Charles Blair, Kyrston Brooks, John Burden, Daniel Cavanaugh, John Chekan, Shirley Conway, Isaiah Delemar, John Dillon, Speros Doulous, Milton Fearn, Debra Feheley, Kofi Fynn-Aikins, G. Curt Gaul, Jerold Gidner, Virginia Grilley, Helen Hankins, Audrey Haskins, Lisa Heki, Leslie Holland-Bartels, Richard Huffines, Jeffrey Hunter, Camilla Ihenetu, Emily Joseph, Franklin Keel, Michael Kelley, Christine Knierim, Gayle Kunkel-Shields, Linda Leake, Jennifer Lee, Julia Lyke, Peter Lyttle, Susanne McDonald, Robert More, David Murillo, Starr Penland, Art Quintana, Jennifer Rigg, Alexandra Ritchie, Grace Ross, Scott Shevlin, Donna Stanek, Karl Stock, Ruth Stokes, Blanca Stransky, Michael Thomas, Alex Tremble, Yolanda Wesson, Priscilla Wheeler, Lori Windle, and Anthony Yim (Photo by: Todd Harless, FWS)

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By: Nancy S. Monroe, Office of Communications, DOI
Date: November 15, 2010

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