DOINews: Cybersecurity Incident Update

Last edited 09/05/2019


To: All Department of the Interior Employees

From: Deputy Secretary Mike Connor

Subject: Cybersecurity Incident Update

On June 4, 2015, Secretary Jewell sent an all employee message alerting you about the recent U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) cybersecurity incident, which may have exposed the personal information of current and former Federal employees.

Since then, DOI employees reported receiving a higher than normal level of malicious phishing attempts. Phishing attacks involve scams that look like legitimate email messages from familiar sources that malicious actors use to trick employees into providing information or access to computer system.

Protect yourself by not providing your personal or work related information to any unsolicited email, postal mail, phone call, or other contact. You should also be very cautious when opening emails or attachments. Many of these malicious emails are coming from email addresses that may look legitimate in nature.

If OPM informs you by email and/or U.S. postal mail that you are one of the potentially affected individuals, you will receive an email sent exclusively From: "" To: your official DOI email address. If you receive a message regarding your personal information related to this incident from any other email address, do not open the message or its attachments. Instead, delete it without replying.

Our BisonConnect Team sent out a message earlier today with specific guidelines on how to better recognize phishing attempts and how to report malicious email messages. Please contact your local help desk to report any possible phishing incident. Further information about OPM's identity theft protection is also included. I encourage you to reread this message and follow its guidance to better protect yourself.

Please refer to the CSID portion of the “OPM Responds to Cyberattack” announcement on the website for questions or comments regarding the OPM notification.

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