DOINews: All DOI Employees: Bicycle Subsidy - Annual Recertification and Reimbursement

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October 22, 2014

To: All Department of the Interior Employees – Bicycle Subsidy Participants

From: Joe Nassar, Director, Office of Facilities and Administrative Services
Subject: Bicycle Subsidy - Annual Recertification and Reimbursement

Participation in the bicycle subsidy program does not automatically carry over from year-to-year; therefore, recertification is required by all bicycle participants on an annual basis. If you wish to recertify, you must re-enroll in the bicycle subsidy program and submit claims for reimbursement from now through December 31, 2014. Steps to follow include:
  • Complete a new Bicycle Subsidy Application*, an SF Claim for Reimbursement for your qualifying 2014 commuting costs, a Certification Statement and a Tracking Log.
  • Submit the recertification package (i.e., all the materials mentioned in the previous bullet) with receipts to your Bicycle Subsidy Coordinator for review and initialing.
  • Forward the SF Claims for Reimbursement to your Bureau / Office's administrative, human resource or budget office for processing.
  • Please note – only those expenses incurred on or after your effective 2014 enrollment date and through the end of the calendar year are eligible for reimbursement.
Bureau and Office Transportation Subsidy Coordinators are available to answer your questions, re-enroll you in the program and review your paperwork. You may contact them at:
For more information, visit the DOI Bicycle Subsidy Benefit Program website.

*Updated on 10/23/14 to include latest application.

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