Realignment of South Fields Reach 2 Project - Scoping Process

Last edited 09/29/2022
The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (District), Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission (Mitigation Commission), and the United States Department of the Interior – Central Utah Project Completion Act Office (CUPCA Office), as Joint Lead Agencies (JLAs), are evaluating three realignment alternatives and the No-Action Alternative for the South Fields Reach 2 segment of the Spanish Fork Santaquin Pipeline (SFSP). The SFSP is part of the Utah Lake Drainage Basin Water Delivery System (ULS), Bonneville Unit, of the Central Utah Project. The JLAs have initiated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and are preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA).

Previous Scoping Process

The JLAs previously conducted a scoping process in August 2017 to discuss two realignment alternatives (along with the No-Action Alternative) for the South Fields Reach segment of the SFSP. As part of this previous scoping process, the JLAs held a Public Information Meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 where the two realignment concepts, and the No-Action Alternative, were presented to the public and agencies. During that scoping process, representatives from BYU approached the JLAs and presented an alignment alternative through BYU owned property that was not being considered at the time. Since the fall of 2017, the JLAs have been coordinating with BYU and other agencies to outline the details of BYU’s proposed alignment alternative for the South Fields Reach through their property.

South Fields Reach 1 and 2 of the Spanish Fork Santaquin Pipeline

Since the discussions with BYU and others on a new, proposed alignment alternative for a portion of the South Fields Reach, the JLAs decided to divide the South Fields Reach into two segments:
  • South Fields Reach 1 – This reach is currently under construction and was analyzed in the ULS Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It is approximately one mile in length beginning with a connection to the Spanish Fork Reach just north of Powerhouse Road. South Fields Reach 1 extends along Powerhouse Road to where Powerhouse Road transitions to 8800 South. The South Fields Reach 1 project requires the reconstruction of about one mile of Powerhouse Road.

  • South Fields Reach 2 (Proposed Project) – The JLAs are evaluating three realignment alternatives plus the No-Action Alternative which was evaluated in the ULS EIS for the South Fields Reach 2 segment. As a result of the input received during the previous scoping process and additional preliminary field work, the JLAs have added the BYU proposed alignment alternative to be evaluated in the NEPA process along with the other two realignment alternatives disclosed during the previous scoping process. Also, the JLAs are evaluating the diameter of the SFSP to be a consistent 60-inch welded steel, mortar coated and lined pipeline to facilitate future operations and maintenance. The ULS EIS evaluated the SFSP diameter ranging between 36 to 60 inches depending on the location of the pipeline (smaller as it approached Santaquin).

Public Information Meeting

Please join us for a Public Information Meeting to review and discuss the Proposed Project and let us know if there are issues and concerns that we need to take into consideration as we move into the analysis of the realignment alternatives and the No-Action Alternative.
*Open House Format*
Thursday, May 16, 2019
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Foothills Elementary School
412 South 810 East
Salem, Utah

How to Comment and Provide Input?

The JLAs are seeking comment and input from the public and agencies regarding the Proposed Action. Comments on the Realignment of South Fields Reach 2 Project must be submitted by Friday, June 7, 2019. Comments may be submitted by mail, email, on the project website, or at the Public Information Meeting.
Mailing Address: 1426 E 750 N Suite 400, Orem, Utah 84097

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