The US Department of the Interior is helping to power America's economic recovery. Through our efforts to help build a clean energy economy for the country, stimulate local economic growth through wise stewardship, and procure goods and services from American businesses, we are helping build a new foundation for growth and prosperity in America.

We at Interior rely on the help of America's businesses to maintain roads, bridges, schools, office buildings, irrigation systems and reservoirs. We invest in research-and-development activities that encompass examinations of geological structures, mineral resources, and products within and outside the national domain. The Earth-science research and information these activities generate save lives and properties, safeguard human health, enhance our nation's economic vitality, assess resources, characterize environments, and predict the impacts of contamination.

In 2008, we issued more than $5 billion in 2008 procurement and financial assistance awards. This represents more than one-fourth of our total budget. These awards, which 10 different Interior bureaus and offices made, included $3.5 billion in contracts to 19,000-plus contractors and more than $1.7 billion in federal assistance to 2,300-plus recipients. (Source: FY 2008 Citizens" Report)

In February 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to stimulate the economy by providing jobs and investing in our nation's infrastructure, among other means. The Recovery Act entrusts Interior with nearly $3 billion to invest in America's economic future. Six of our Interior bureaus are awarding funding for this purpose through contracts and financial-assistance agreements. The projects they are funding involve habitat restoration, facilities and roads improvements and construction, scientific equipment, water infrastructure in western states, and improving conditions in Indian country.

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