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Disability Rights Coordinators


National Park Service
San Francisco Maritime National
Historical Park
    Superintendent: William G. Thomas
    Coordinator: John Conway
    Job Title:Shipwright/carpenter(Mariane)
    Telephone (415)-556-9402
Whikeytown Unit NRA
    Superintendent: David A. Pugh
    Coordinator :Patrick Gaegan
    Job Title:Program Clerk (Computer
Great Basin National Park
    Superintendent:Becky Mills
    Coordinator: Mike Allison
    Job Title:Facility Manager
    Telephone (702)-234-7331
Yellowstone National Park
    Superintendent: Mike Filey
    Coordinator: Bill Schneider
    Job Title: Park Planner
    Telephone: (307)344-2018
Haleakala National Park
    Superintendent:Don Reeser
    Coordinator:Pete Lucero
    Job Title :Facility Manager
    Telephone: (808) 572-9306
Effigy Mouds National Monument
    Superintendent:Kathleen L. Miller
    Coordinator:Thomas L. Sinclair
    JobTitle:Chief of Maintenance
John Day Fossil Bed National
    Superintendent: Jim Hammett
    Coordinator: John Fiedor
    Job Title: Chief of Interpretation
    Telephone :(541)987-2333
 Boston National Historical Park
    Coordinator: William J. Foley
    Job Title :Chief of Interpretation
Park: New River Gorge NR
    Superintendent: Pete Hart
    Coordinator: Chris Thompson
    Job Title :Facility Management Specialist
    Telephone: (304) 465-6514
Marsh-Billings National
    Historical Park
    Superintendent: Rolf Diamant
    Job Title:Facility Manager
    Telephone :(802)457-3368
Andrew Johnston National Historic Site
    Superintendent : Mark Corey
    Coordinator:Jim Small
    Job Title :Chief of Operations
    Telephone: (423)635-3551
Park:Buffalo National River
    Superintendent:John D.Linahan
    Coordinator:Earl D. McElroy
    Job Title: Mechanic Super
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
    Superintendent: Ivan Miller
    Coordinator: Kimberly Mann
    Job Title :Historical Architect
Park: Ocmulgee National Monument
    Superintendent:James S. David
    Coordinator :Guy L.LaChine
    Job Title: Chief Ranger
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
    Superintendent :Tony Sisito
    Coordinator: Gary Bickford
    Job Title : Chief of Maintenance
    Telephone (360)696-7658
Park: Big Thicket National Preserve
    Superintendent :Richard Peterson
    Coordinator :Raymond V. Martinez
    Job Title: Facility Manager
Everglades National Park
    Superintendent:Richard Ring
    Coordinator :Michael Stanley
    Job Title: Architect
    Telephone: (305)-242-7779
Park:Fort Davis National Historic (FODA) Accessibility
    Superintendent:Jerry Yarborough
    Coordinator :Regina Heiner
    Job Title:Facility Manager
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
    Superintendent: Brian O'Neill
    Coordinator: Richard De La O
    Job Title:Clerk (stay-in-school)
CCSO (Columbia Cascades so)
    Superintendent:Rory Westberg
    Coordinators:Deanne Adams,
     Dianne Croal
    Job Title :Deanne Adams-Interpretive
     Dianne Croal-Landscape
    Telephone: Deanne:(206) 220-4251
Big South Fork NRRA
    Superintendent:Rolland Swain
    Coordinator: Steve Seven
    Job Title:Chief of Interpretation
    Telephone(423)569-2404 ext. 237
Pipe Spring National Monument
    Superintendent:John W. Hiscock
    Coordinator:Terry Strong
    Job Title:Facility Manager
Arkansas Post National Memorial
    Superintendent: Laura Soulliere
    Coordinator: Charles L. Mattmiller
    Job Title :Facility Manager
    Telephone: (870)548-2210
Park: Fort Pulaski National Monument
    Superintendent:John D. Breen
    Coordinator: Kimberly A. Walsh
    Job Title : Park Ranger
Castrillo de San Marcos NM and Ft. Matanzas NM
    Superintendent:Gordon J. Wilson
    Coordinator :Bob Billetdaeux
    Job Title :Electrician and Deputy Chief
     of Maintenance
    Telephone:(904)829-6506 ext.24
Natchez National Historical Park
    Superintendent:Robert Dodson
    Coordinator :William Justice
    Job Title :Chief, Interpretation and
    Visitor Services
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
    Superintendent:Joe Alston
    Coordinator:Patrick N. Horning
    Job Title: Aids to Navigation / Dive Leader
Rocky Mountain
    Superintendent: Randy Jones
    Coordinator:Rick Scumann
    Job Title:Architect (Div.of Facility
St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
    Superintendent:Anthony Anderson
    Coordinator:Kevin Baumgard
    Job Title :Facility Manager
Park: Canaveral National Seashore
    Superintendent: Robert Newkirk
    Coordinator: Sandra Hines
    Job Title: Park Ranger
    Telephone: (408) 867-4077
Shenandoah National Park
    Superintendent:Douglas Morris
    Coordinator:Reed L.Engle
    Job Title: Cultural Resource Specialist
    Telephone:(540)999-3695 Fax:(540)999-3693
Park: Canaveral National Seashore
    Superintendent: Robert Newkirk
    Coordinator: Sandra Hines
    Job Title: Park Ranger
    Telephone: (408) 867-4077
Denali NP and Preserve
    Superintendent:Stephen P. Martin
    Coordinator:Lisa Eckert
    Job Title:Chief of Interpretation
Park: Arches National Park
    Superintendent:Walter Dabney
    Coordinator:Frank B.Darcey III
    Job Title :Facility Manager
    Telephone:(435)259-8161 ext.250
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
    Superintendent:Geraldine Smith
    Coordinator:Susan Devenport
    Job Title:Interpretive Specialist
    Telephone:(504)589-3882 ext.102
John Muir Historic Site
    Superintendent:Phyllis P. Shaw
    Coordinator:David Blackburn
    Job Title:Chief of Interpretation
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
    Superintendent:Gary Easton
    Coordinator: Dave Caselli
Park: Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area
    Superintendent:John P.Debo,Jr.
    Coordinator:Robert W. Bobel
    Job Title:Civil Engineer
Kings Mountain National Military Park
    Superintendent:Andrew M.Loveless
    Coordinator: Christopher C. Revels
    Job Title :Supervisory Park Ranger
Park: Blue Ridge Parkway
    Superintendent:Gary Everhard
    Coordinator:Terry McElrath
    Job Title:Facility Management
    Telephone:(704)271-4779 ext.212
Park: Independence National Historical Park
    Superintendent:Martha B. Aikens
    Physical Coordinator:Nicholas K. Wyman
    Program Coordinator: Mary O. Reinhart
    Job Title : Wyman's title: INDE Assistant
    Historical Architect
    Reinhart's title :INDE Interpretive Specialist
    Telephone:Wyman's number #:(215)597-8332
    Reinhart's number#:(215)597-7128
Park: Fort Clatsop National Memorial
    Superintendent:Cynthia Orlando
    Coordinator:Greg Walker
    Job Title :Maintenance work
Park: Lyndon B. Jonhson National Historical Park
    Superintendent :Leslie Starr Hart
    Coordinator:Evelyn V. Klein
    Job Title:Law Enforcement Specialist
     /Safety Manager
    Telephone :(830)868-7128 Ext.233
Pinnacles National Monument
    Superintendent:Gary J. Candeleria
    Coordinator :Brian Strack
    Job Title: Facility Manager
Park: Hopewell Culture NHP
    Superintendent:John D. Neal
    Coordinator:Robert Burgoon
    Job Title: Chief , I&RM
    Telephone (614)774-1126
Park:Acadia National Park
    Superintendent:Paul Haertel
    Coordinator:Shirley Beccue
    Job Title:Assistant Chief Interpreter
Park: Ice Age, North Country, and Lewis & Clark National Trails
    Superintendent:Thomas L. Gilbert
    Coordinator :Pamela J. Schuler
    Job Title:Outdoor Recreation Planner (Ice Age National
     Scenic Trail Manager)
    Telephone:(608)264-5610 Fax.(608)264-561
Park: Padre Inland National Seashore
    Superintendent:Patrick C. McCrary
    Coordinators: John T. Gibson and
    Chris Middleton, Asst.Coordinator
    Job Title :Facility Manager
    Telephone:(512)949-8173 ext.240
Park:Oregon Caves National Monument
    Superintendent :Craig Ackerman
    Coordinator:John Cavin
    Job Title :Chief of Maintenance
Park: Prince William Forest Park
    Superintendent:Robert Hickman
    Coordinator:Louis Wesseholft
    Job Title :Chief Ranger
Park:Kennesaw Mountain NBP
    Superintendent:John Cissell
    Coordinator:Retha Stephen
    Job Title:Park Ranger
    Telephone :(770)427-4686
Park: Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument
    Superintendent:Glenn M. Fulfer
    Coordinator:Michael Schneegas
    Job Title :Facility Manager
Upper Delaware Seenie & Recreational River
    Superintendent:Calvin Hite
    Coordinator:Robert J.Price
    Job Title:Chief,Park Maintenance
Park: Cabrill National Monument
    Superintendent:Terry M. DiMattio
    Coordinator:Edmond E. Roberts
    Job Title: Chief of Interpretation
Park: Zion National Park
    Superintendent:Donald A. Falvey
    Coordinator:Dave Karaszewski
    Job Title:Management Assistant
    Telephone: (435)772-0143
Park: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
    Superintendent:Donald L. Spencer
    Coordinator:Susan Strand
    Job Title :Park Ranger
Park:Devile Tower National Monument
    Superintendent:Deb Liggett
    (Transferring to Alaska Regional Office)
    Coordinator:Robert H.King
    Job Title :Chief of Maintenance
    Telephone: (307)467-5283 ext.16.
Park: Hawaii Volcanoes
    Superintendent:James E. Martin
    Coordinator:Richard A. Rasp
    Job Title:Chief Park Interpreter
Park:Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
    Superintendent:Dusty Shltz
    Coordinator: Daniel R. Brown
    Job Title:Chief of Maintenance
Point Reyes NS
    Superintendent:Don Neubacher
    Coordinator:Larry Harris
    Job Title :Chief of Interpretation
    Telephone:(415)663-8522 ext.237
Lake Roosevelt National
    Recreation Area (LARO)
    Superintendent:Vaughn Baker
    Coordinator:Tom Streiffert
    Job Title: civil engineer/Acting Facility Manager
    Telephone: (509) 633-9441 ext.112
Jeff (St.Louis Mo.)
    Superintendent :Gary Easton
    Coordinator :Dave Caselli
    Job Title: Park Engineer
    Telephone: (314) 425-4468
Brown vs. Board of Education
    National Historic Site
    Superintendent: Bessie Sherman
    Coordinator: H. Tyrone Brandyburg
    Job Title: Chief of Interpretation
    Telephone (913)354-4273
Park:Chickasaw National Recreation Area
    Superintendent:John Welch
    Coordinator:Ken Ruhnke
    Job Title:Landscape Architect
    Telephone:(580)622-3161 ext. 503
Park: Stones River National Battlefield
    Superintendent:Mary Ann Peckham
    Coordinator :Gilbert J. Backlund
    Job Title:Park Ranger
Park: McHenry National Monument
    Superintendent:Kayci Cook
    Coordinator:Dale F. Brukiewa
    Job Title:Maintenance Mechanic
Park:USS Arizona Memorial (USAR)
    Superintendent:Kathy Billings
    Coordinator:Merry Petrossian
    Job Title:Chief of Maintenance
Park: Bandelier National Monument
    Superintendent:Roy W.Weaver
    Coordinator:Al Seidenkranz
    Job Title:Chief of Interpretation
    Telephone: (505)672-3861 ext.511
Park:Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument/
Curecanti National RA
    Superintendent:Sheridan Steele
    Coordinator: Steve Riley
    Job Title: Facility Manager
    Telephone: (907)641-2337 ext.224

Office Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement  Disability Rights Coordinators

Shirley Scott, Equal Opportunity Manager
    Appalachian Region Coordinating Center
    Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
    Three Parkway Center
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220
    (412)937-2922; TDD (412)937-3013

Shirley Lahr, Equal Opportunity Manager
    Western Regional Coordinating
    Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
    1999 Broadway, Suite 3320
    Denver, Colorado 80202
    (303)884-1430; TDD(303)884-1520

Diane Woods, Equal Opportunity Specialist
    Office for Equal Opportunity Headquarters
    Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
    1951 Constitution Avenue, N.W
    Washington, D.C.20240

Bureau of Reclamation Disability Rights Coordinators

 Karen E. Megorden, ADMS
    Program Manager
    Alice Norman, Civil Rights Team Leader
    1150 North Curtis Road , Suit 100
    Boise, ID 83706-1234
    (800)877-8339 Federal Relay

Jeannie Rutherford, Lower
    Colorado Region
    Bureau of Reclamation
    P.O Box 61470
    Bureau City, NV 89006-1470
    (800)877-8339 Federal Relay