Workers' Compensation Program

Welcome to the Department of the Interior"s Workers" Compensation Program website. The Department of the Interior is committed to preventing job-related injuries and illnesses. FECA provides compensation benefits to Federal civilian employees and surviving dependents of eligible employees if injury or illness results in the employee"s death. When an employee sustains a job-related injury or illness, the Department is committed to providing initial medical treatment, referral, and follow-up attention under the Federal Employees" Compensation Act (FECA). This coverage is for all civilian employees of the United States. Contract employees, volunteers, and loaned employees are covered under some circumstances. The FECA is administered by the Department of Labor"s Office of Workers" Compensation Programs (OWCP).

This website has been established to provide information and procedures on workers" compensation, as well as to provide information on the benefits provided under FECA. Our objective is to assist employees in submitting timely claims for compensation in order to receive timely benefits from OWCP, and to monitor the medical recovery of employees following job-related injuries and illnesses. There are 12 OWCP District Offices that adjudicate claims, pay benefits, and ensure that the costs of benefits are appropriately charged back to the employing agency.