Government-to-Government Consultations

Active fire on the Colville Reservation

The Department of the Interior, Office of Wildland Fire's overriding mission is to provide the strategic leadership and oversight that result in a safe, cohesive, efficient, and effective wildland fire program for the Nation.  Fulfilling this mission requires close coordination with our governmental partners across the United States, including the Nation's American Indian and Alaskan Native tribal governments.


The Office of Widland Fire recognizes the sovereign authority of Tribal Governments and is committed to working in partnership with Indian tribes on a government-to-government basis.  We believe that this partnership will yield improved policy outcomes.  To acknowledge and honor the sovereignty of tribal nations, Office of Wildland Fire conducts regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with federally recognized tribes on departmental action with tribal implications as related to the Department of the Interior's Wildland Fire Management.


Post-Consultation Documents


The U.S. Department of the Interior places a high priority on respecting the government-to-government relationship between the federal government and the federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.