Secretary Zinke Visits Utah

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We as a country have to work together.
It is all of our land.


Great to be in Utah.

It's amazing the vistas and what I saw today
and there's cultural parts and it's just drop-dead
We must value it.
You do.
And so do I.


I met with the tribes yesterday.
I had a very productive meeting with five,
met with the commissioners today.
We want to make sure that everyone's voice
is heard.


(natural sounds of conversation)

Over a period of time the monuments I think
we can all agree have been a wonderful addition
of protecting some of our biggest treasures.
And as the Secretary I find myself a steward
of what I think of as our greatest holdings...we
have a fifth of the land in the U.S.

(music and natural sound)

Everyone recognizes there are cultural areas
that need to be protected.
Everyone understands that multiple use, traditional
use, of grazing, of recreation, of hunting,
of fishing, is enormously important.
Everyone understands, and they're concerned
on both sides, about the people.
Yesterday I did a couple of hikes, and I'm

From a kid who grew up in Montana, no one
loves public lands more than I do.
And the trip today verified that it is drop-dead
gorgeous country.


Secretary Zinke traveled to Utah in early May for a four-day listening tour. He met with community members, stakeholders, and representatives of federal, state, local and tribal governments, regarding an executive order to review some large national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act.