Secretary Zinke Salutes Irma Recovery Efforts

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Hi. I'm Secretary Ryan Zinke.
From the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico through Florida and
the southeast, Hurricane Irma has caused widespread devastation.
To those responding to this crisis in real time -- thank you for all you're doing.

You have my support, the support
of the whole Interior team, and
the support of the President during these trying times.

I know that many of you have suffered great losses of your own in the wake of Irma—
Yet day after day you’re on the front lines, helping those around you leaving no neighborhood behind in
our response efforts.
That’s only possible because of your dedication to the mission at hand.
I could not be prouder to be your Secretary.

More than 200 Interior personnel have supported, or are still supporting FEMA missions.
Hundreds more are working to help rescue-and- recovery efforts, to help restore and repair our parks,
refuges and other DOI assets.
USGS is contributing expertise in determining high water marks, water quality monitoring, assessing
coastal change, mapping and modeling.
Various Interior agencies are providing law and enforcement and search and rescue support.
Bureau of Indian Affairs is sending officers to help the Seminole and other tribes affected by Irma.
Teams of Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service employees are working tirelessly in tough
conditions without power and with limited communications.
Through each of these efforts, your support to local citizens and communities has been critical.
However long it takes, we are going to be with you every step of the way as you rebuild your homes,
your towns, and your communities.
You will not be forgotten.

We’re working with the entire Cabinet to make sure you have access
to every resource you need.

If there’s anything more we can do, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Lastly, with wildfires still raging in the West and recovery efforts ongoing in Houston, I know our
resources are stretched thin...

Your selfless sacrifice on behalf of your fellow Americans has earned you the thanks of a grateful nation.

Bravo Zulu, and God bless.


Secretary Zinke sends a message of support to all of the Department of Interior first responders, scientists and inspectors who are providing critical and life-saving services in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and wildfires in the west.