Saluting Interior's Veterans

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Hi, I’m Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior. You know throughout our nation’s history, the Department of the Interior has forged a deep bond
with the military, and our veterans…

From the all-African- American regiments of the Buffalo Soldiers, who served as the earliest caretakers at Yosemite and Sequoia – even long before the National Park Service was created…

To the Native Americans and Alaska Natives who continue to serve our nation in the armed forces...Interior has had a unique role in preserving our military history. 

We manage dozens of battlefields and memorials that maintain the sacred sites of our nation’s military conflicts, and we honor the service of America’s men and women in uniform. These sites help us tell the story of an unbroken path of service that stretches from Valley Forge to Midway Island and beyond.

For veterans who wish to continue serving their country, I’m proud that Interior is a leader in hiring them.  In addition to employing more than 11,000 veterans, Interior is also a partner with the military and veterans’ groups across the nation, from Blue Star Parks and Blue Star
Museums that offer free admission to Active-Duty personnel and their families, to the Honor Flight Network, which coordinates visits from our Korean War, Vietnam War and World War II heroes.

And finally, our own DOI Veterans employee affinity groups, that provide an opportunity to weigh in on Veteran’s issues at DOI and meet with veteran colleagues from various Bureaus. We are committed to our veterans, and that means doing more to place veterans in key leadership roles at Interior. From fighting forest fires to becoming a Park ranger, veterans should
have the opportunity to be part of the Interior family and to serve our great nation once again.
This Veterans Day, I want the veterans at Interior to know that we  understand your journey, and we salute your service. 

Happy Veterans Day!


A message from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke (U.S. Navy, 1985 - 2008) to all the military veterans now serving at the Department of the Interior on this Veterans Day 2017.