Prescribed to Death: Opioid Crisis Memorial Opens

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The huge cost of this crisis is so vividly represented by the memorial we are here visiting today. Twenty-two thousand faces. Each of them representing a life stolen from us by prescription opioid overdose. 

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If you put it into perspective every seventeen days in this country we experience the lost of 9/11/2001. Every seventeen days. That’s what this opioid crisis has done to our country.
We’re here to talk about the somebodies who are on that wall. 
The lives cut short because of this crisis next door. And to the families and friends and the loved ones that those individuals left behind, we hear you, we see you, and we stand with you.

On the issue of opioids President Trump has been clear and decisive in his actions. He has tasked every Secretary, every branch of government, and the American people to address this issue. 

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22,000 Americans die every year from prescription opioid overdoses. A new Memorial just steps from the White House, puts a literal face on each opioid death to bring awareness of this “crisis next door.” The memorial will be open through April 18.