#MakeYourSplash on Wild and Scenic Rivers

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When I first had kids, I didn't even know if I could leave the house. I was very nervous that I couldn't do the same things that I used to do. So, going outdoors seemed like a monumental task. When I was a little kid, we would always go camping, and that was our family time. I want to have that same type of relationship with my kids, and I think the outdoors provides that. (laughing) Most of my outdoor adventures with my kids has to have a water feature, a creek, a river, because water makes everyone happy. Happy, happy, happy. I love seeing my kids just being themselves in the dirt, in the water, on the trail. They just love being in nature. Being together as a family outside really helps us be closer together. It give us the experiences to build a strong family relationship and memories.

Last edited 10/2/2017

Whether you want to paddle, fish or spend time together as a family, America’s wild and scenic rivers are the perfect place for you. As we celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, we invite you to pick up your paddle or fishing rod to #MakeYourSplash and #FindYourWay on a river near you!

Follow a family as they paddle, fish, and play in the Lower American Wild and Scenic River, where family time and outdoor time are one in the same. As the mother in the video says, “Being together as a family outside really helps us be closer together.” Rivers embody many values, intrinsic and tangible. Wild and Scenic Rivers provide water for fish and wildlife, preserve history and culture, create public recreation and economic prosperity, and maintain floodplains for communities.