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We're working with General Electric today. We have about 300 people here working the memorial. Cleaning, weeding, painting, and just doing general grounds maintenance ahead of the Memorial Day holiday.


We wouldn't have this democracy, we wouldn't have this beautiful place that welcomes people from around the world, if it weren't for our veterans who are keeping us safe, keeping this democracy alive. We celebrate and honor you on Veteran's Day. We celebrate and honor those who've departed, who've given the ultimate sacrifice, on Memorial Day. Thank you for coming out.




All of the public lands that we enjoy in this country are made better because of volunteerism. That's certainly true here, so thank you for stepping up to volunteer.


I don't think that there's an activity that connects us more deeply to place than getting out and taking care of place. Picking up garbage, removing invasive species, beautifying through painting or polishing. You will never walk by that memorial, or that trail that you built, or that park that you cleaned up of garbage, and look at it the same way.



Without the service and sacrifice of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and Coast Guardsmen, we couldn't be an American company. We are here to help give back to these great symbols of our nation, and those who served our nation to make us free.


I do want to thank you guys for your service, and I want to thank you guys for your service today. With your help, the nation's most beloved memorials will look their best, just in time for Memorial Day.


These war memorials represent the people and events of our past. I think some of the folks here have personal connections to folks who served and died in some of these conflicts. It's a very important and personal moment, I think, for all of us.

Last edited 4/26/2016