Secretary Salazar Celebrates Earth Day on the National Mall

Office of the Secretary
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(Children laughing)

America's 40th Earth Day began in America's front yard, the National Mall in Washington D.C.

That's where Bovine celebrity Buddy Bison with the help of many organizations

brought together 600 kids to learn about the great outdoors and have some fun.

(Children laughing)

Even President Obama made an appearance.

(Helicopter sound)

There he is, that's the President!

(Kids yelling)

The first order of business, dancing to Buddy's hit "Humps, Hooves and Horns"


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was on hand and joined in the fun.


There's George Washington!


Now this is a very special day because we celebrate the anniversary of Earth Day

Which anniversary is it? 40th? The 40th anniversary of Earth Day

Why is this day important? Why is celebrating Earth Day important?

Yes, down here.

It's about the day the people show they care about the Earth she said.

What's your name?

Matty says it's about the day people show say they care about the Earth.

How many of you agree with her? You agree with Matty?

It's about the way the people show they care about the Earth, do you agree with that?

So here is the deal, all of you enjoy our National Parks

Celebrate this National Parks week, we're doing it from sea to shining sea

all over this country.

and to you the young people, it's about taking care of your Earth of our Earth

and making sure we tell the whole world how much we care about our planet Earth.

Thank you all very much, Happy Earth Day!

After the fun with Buddy Bison and the Secretary,

the kids, many of them belonging to Interior Department employees,

headed off to living classroom exhibits around the mall.

In hands on demonstrations kids learned how elements of nature and how they are interconnected

and they saw wildlife up close.

The entire day was planned to emphasize President Obama's America's Great Outdoors Initiative

and the importance of getting young people out into nature to continuing our nation's conservation legacy.

Last edited 4/25/2016