Interior and Agriculture Establish Wildlife Hunting Heritage Conservation Council

Office of the Secretary
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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar: It is clear to me that if wildlife conservation is to remain strong in America, our nation's hunting tradition must remain strong.
The Wildlife Hunting Heritage Conservation Council will help our two departments do our part to support this great American tradition.
I would say it's a 21st Century manifestation of Teddy Roosevelt's agenda.
You know this is a much more broad-based advisory council, so it includes the equipment manufacturers, firearms manufacturers and others
because the advisory council should be representative of all of the stakeholders of America that are affected by the Great Outdoors.
Hunting and fishing is important, not only for the sportsmen who are involved, but also to the economy that is so dependent on their activities.

Jeff Crane, President, Congressional Sportsman's Foundation: We think this is great news for America's hunters and shooters that we have the opportunity to actually have a seat at the table.
By formally being able to advise the secretaries on issues of concern, for all of our constituents this is a great first step.

Director U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sam Hamilton: It's a great opportunity to bring public land and private land issues as well as the conservation work we're doing together in a cooperative way.
I don't know that we've done that very much, across agencies and across departments, certainly not as well as we could.
So this is exciting.

Last edited 4/25/2016