Secretary Zinke wearing SCUBA gear and diving underwater in a large aquarium tank with fish and rocks.

Zinke in Missouri

On September 21, Secretary Zinke ​traveled to Springfield, Missouri, ​to sign a Secretarial Order proclaiming October as National Hunting and Fishing Month at the grand opening of the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium. While ​at the museum, Secretary Zinke ​also ​had a "whale" of a time​ hosting an underwater Q&A with a fifth-grade class. The Secretary​​​​​​ ​put on flippers and went scuba diving in one of the large aquarium tanks with dozens of different species of aquatic wildlife​ including tiger sharks and a massive Goliath grouper​. Secretary Zinke ​gave the school children a "deep dive" into how they can get involved in conservation and preserv​e our wildlife and ​national treasures.​ 

The next day, Secretary Zinke traveled to Wilson Creek National Battlefield with Congressman ​Billy Long. ​The two met with Lyon Elementary​ School fourth graders​, ​rebuilt an historic fence, ​and ​fired a Civil War​ ​cannon.​ ​

Video from Missouri.