Sunset over Apgar Mountains with lake

Zinke at Glacier

It's important that as the Secretary, I spend time on the front lines and speak with the Superintendents, rangers, and staff of our parks and public lands to learn more about their challenges, where opportunities are, and how Washington can make their job easier and their mission achievable. If the people In Washington don't know the difference between the Potomac, the Yellowstone, and the Middle Fork Rivers, they shouldn't be making the decisions. I want to empower our employees, not bind them.

While In Glacier, we were also honored to receive a spiritual blessing from members of the Blackfeet Nation. The ceremony was powerful and moving, and their blessing will guide me as Secretary to ensure we uphold our Tribal responsibilities and management of our public lands. 

You'll hear this from me time and time again: our public lands are not for sale. 

-- Secretary Ryan Zinke

Last edited 4/5/2017
Lake reflecting mountains and blue skies
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Mountain goat kids playing in Glacier National Park.
Mountain goat kids play "King of the Hill" in Glacier National Park.