Special Actions

A Special Action Request is an out-of-cycle change in a season, harvest limit, or method of harvest. Special Actions are taken when unusual situations arise, such as a significant change in resource abundance that could not reasonably have been anticipated. The Federal Subsistence Board may take a Special Action to restrict, close, open, or reopen the taking of fish and wildlife on Federal public lands and waters. Such actions are taken to ensure the continued viability of a particular fish or wildlife population, to ensure continued subsistence use, or for reasons of public safety. These guidelines and requirements can be found in 36 CFR 242.19 and 50 CFR 100.19.

Information on submitting a Special Action Request can be found at https://www.doi.gov/sites/doi.gov/files/uploads/special_action_request_flyer.pdf

The links below contain Information on submitted special actions and final analyses.

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Fisheries Special Actions

Wildlife Special Actions