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Receiving Public Testimony during Regional Advisory Council Meetings

(For the Fall 2022 meeting cycle)

The Regional Advisory Councils (Councils) provide a regional forum for the collection and expression of opinions and recommendations on matters related to subsistence taking and uses of fish and wildlife resources on Federal public lands.  Members of the public may participate in the Federal regulatory process by providing comments on the Federal proposals, closure reviews, and any other subsistence related issue for that region.

Public testifies at the Eastern Interior Council meeting

During the Fall 2022 Council meeting cycle, the public can provide written or oral comments to the Council in-person, telephonically, or by email.

  • The public comments on proposals and closure reviews accepted at the Council meetings are for use by the Councils in making their recommendations to the Federal Subsistence Board (Board).
  • This round of public comments on proposals and closure reviews are part of the administrative record of the Council meeting, not the Board meeting, and will not be included in the Board proposal analyses.
  • If you submit a written comment, your entire comment, including any personal identifying information, will be part of the administrative record of the Council meeting, and would be available to the public upon request.

Instructions to provide public comments to the Councils

1) Submit a written comment(s) up until the start of the presentation of each proposal or closure review analyses (check each Council meeting agenda at to determine the date).  On your written comment you must clearly indicate your name, affiliation (if applicable), and if commenting on a proposal or closure review include the number of that item (see

You must submit your written comment(s) by one of the following ways:

  • Email your comment to
  • Bring a hard copy of your written comment to the Council meeting and present it to the Council Coordinator for distribution.  If you cannot bring your comment yourself, you may ask someone to deliver it to the Council meeting on your behalf.

2) Provide an oral comment(s) to the Council.  The Chair will announce the opportunities to provide oral comments.  Public comments are after the presentation of each analysis. Time limits may be set to keep the meeting on schedule. Before presenting your comment, state your name, affiliation (if applicable), and proposal or closure review number you would like to comment on.

    • In-person –You must fill out a public comment form (provided on the public table) to provide oral comments and turn it into the Council Coordinator or other designated OSM team member.  The Chair will call your name when it is your turn. 
    • Telephonically – after the summary of written public comments and in-person oral comments, the Chair will ask if there is anyone on the phone that would like to provide comments. 

Comments on non-agenda items are accepted at the start of each day of all Council meetings.  The Chair will announce this opportunity daily. Subsistence issues not on the agenda will be evaluated by the Council and brought to the attention of the Board as warranted.

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