Bull Moose Harvest Quota Established for Unit 7 Remainder

Last edited 4/27/2016

Bull Moose Harvest Quota Established for Unit 7 Remainder

The Seward District Ranger, under authority delegated by the Federal Subsistence Board, has established a harvest quota of three (3) bull moose with forked antlers for Unit 7 remainder (that portion of Unit 7 excluding the Kings Bay drainage) on the Kenai Peninsula. The quota is effective for the 2014 Federal subsistence moose season, which runs August 10-September 20, by Federal registration permit only. The season will be closed to the harvest of fork antlered bull moose once the quota is met. The harvest of spike bull moose or bull moose with 50-inch antlers, or with 3 or more brow tines on either antler, will still be allowed. Note that the Kings Bay drainage is entirely closed to the harvest of moose.

Surveys conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game indicate a low number of bulls throughout much of the Kenai Peninsula including Unit 7 remainder. An adequate number of bulls is necessary to ensure timely breeding of cows and maximize productivity of the herd. The harvest quota has been established to improve the bull to cow ratio and improve the productivity of the herd, thereby providing long-term subsistence harvest opportunities.

Under Federal subsistence regulations, only residents of Hope, Cooper Landing, Tatitlek, and Chenega Bay are eligible to hunt moose in Unit 7 remainder. Residents of Hope and Cooper Landing can obtain permits by contacting Jeff Bryden at (907) 440-5174, Jason Stancil at (907) 440-5176, or Robert Stovall at (907) 399-3966 or (907) 743-9474. Residents of Chenega Bay or Tatitlek can obtain permits from the sources listed above or by calling Milo Burcham at (907) 424-4759. Sealing of all harvested moose is required in order to track the number of bull moose taken.

For additional information, contact Robert Stovall at (907) 399-3966 or (907) 743-9474 or Jeff Bryden (907) 440-5174.