Federal subsistence fishery for Chinook salmon opened in the Stikine River

Federal Chinook salmon subsistence fishery in the Stikine River reopens

Last edited 4/27/2016

Wrangell, Alaska–The Wrangell District Ranger announced today that he is reopening the Federal Chinook salmon subsistence fishery in the Stikine River as authorized by the Federal Subsistence Board. The Board closed the Chinook salmon subsistence fishery prior to the season due to a low forecast abundance estimate. The current in-season Chinook salmon abundance estimate is 25,031 large Chinook salmon which is sufficient to allow a directed subsistence fishery. The Chinook salmon subsistence fishery begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, June 14, 2014 and continues through the end of the Chinook salmon season on June 20, 2014, unless closed by subsequent announcement. This action does not affect the start of the sockeye salmon subsistence fishery on June 21, 2014.

This Federal subsistence fishery is only open to Alaska residents living in the Wrangell, Petersburg, and Meyers Chuck areas. Fishing permits are required and may be obtained from the U.S. Forest Service District offices in Wrangell and Petersburg.

For more information, contact the U.S. Forest Service. Wrangell District Ranger Robert
Dalrymple may be contacted at P.O. Box 51, Wrangell, Alaska 99929. Dalrymple's phone is
907-874-2323, his e-mail is rdalrymple@fs.fed.us. Subsistence Council Coordinator Robert
Larson may be contacted at P.O. Box 1328, Petersburg, Alaska 99833. Larson's phone is 907-
772-5930, his e-mail is robertlarson@fs.fed.us.

Information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program can be found at http://www.doi.gov/subsistence/index.cfm .







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