The Regional Advisory Councils (Councils) were formed, as required by Title VIII of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, to provide recommendations and information to the Federal Subsistence Board, to review policies and management plans, and to provide a public forum for subsistence issues. Under Section 805 of ANILCA, the Federal Subsistence Board is required to give deference to Council recommendations on fish and wildlife proposals except for under limited circumstances. In recent years, the Board has accepted the Council recommendations over 95 percent of the time. This makes the Councils a powerful, meaningful tool for local residents to influence subsistence management on Federal public lands.

For purposes of Federal Subsistence Management, Alaska is divided into 10 geographic regions. Each region has a Subsistence Regional Advisory Council consisting of local residents who are knowledgeable about subsistence and other uses of fish and wildlife in their area. To find Council members, meeting schedules, meeting materials, meeting transcripts, and regional coordinators and teams, click on a region in the navigation bar to the right, or in the drop-down menu from “Councils” above.

Council Meetings

The Councils meet at least twice a year, with a winter meeting cycle in February - March and a fall meeting cycle in August - October. For an overview of the next two meeting cycles select "Meeting Calendar" from the drop-down menu under "Councils" above.

Council Membership

For information about Council membership and applications, go to the "Membership & Application" page from the drop-down menu above.