Myron Wahnee Jr.

Myron Wahnee, Jr., represents the best of an emerging generation of Indian artists. Wahnee is 17 years old and a member of the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma. He is a rising Senior at Riverside Indian School. As an artist, he executes his drawings in chalk and colored pencil. His piece Elk has been chosen to be in the annual American Indian Art calendar for 2005.

Wahnee was born in Carnegie, Okla., in 1986 and lives with his aunt and legal guardian Tami Eckiwaudah. He has three sisters and two brothers. His parents are Marilyn Eckiwaudah and Myron Wahnee Sr.

In high school Myron plays football for the Riverside Braves. He loves to play video games with his little sisters and listens to heavy metal music CDs.

"I also like to make greeting cards on holidays and special occasions for members of my family," Myron says. "I like to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger and war movies. My favorite movie is Predator."

Myron likes to do most of his drawings in chalk or colored pencil, but feels he is not as good as other artists. That makes Myron reluctant to draw a lot of Native American themes. However, Myron's art teacher, Cruz McDaniels II, another Living Legacy Award recipient, considers Myron an outstanding student with a bright future.

"Myron is a remarkable artist and it is a joy to teach him," McDaniels said of Wahnee. "I foresee a great career for him in the future. "He has told me that he wants to get his education degree, so that he can come back to Riverside and take my place," McDaniels says. "I would surely love to see that happen."