National Indian Country Telecommunications
Infrastructure Consortium
Washington, DC
February 27, 2003


I.        2:30pm        Call to Order-Paul D. Marsden, eGovemment Officer, Indian Affairs

ll.        2:35pm        Introductions

III.       2:40pm        Welcome -Brian Bums, CIa, Indian Affairs

IV.     2:45pm        Presentations

                             NASA Wireless Satellite Technology-          Cal Ramos, NASA
                                                                                                 Ken Bailey, BIA Nashville

V.        3:00pm    Old Business

                            A. Finalization of Vision Statement- Paul Marsden
                            B. LMR Standard-APCO-25 vs. Objectives of APCO-25-Glenn Warrick
                            C. Infrastructure Inventory
                                 Report on Progress-FCC Tower Location CD-Glenn Warrick
                                 Role of SAFECOM
                            D. Composition of Consortium- Paul Marsden
                            E. Grant Writing Seminars- Paul Marsden
                            F. Funding Strategy- Paul Marsden
                            G. Spectrum Resources-DHS-Mr. Charlie Cape

VI.        4:00pm   New Business

                            A. NICTIC -A "One-Stop" Shop for Single, Integrated Telecommunications-
                                 Glenn Warrick
                            B. Concept Demonstration Project
                                 Scope, Objectives, Statement of Work
                                 Time Frame
                                 Phased Approach?
                                     Phase I -Requirements Development, Site Survey, Systems Design
                                     Phase II -Systems Implementation
                                     Funding Options
                            C. Next NICTIC Meeting- Suggestions for Presentations

VII.        4:55pm   Closing Cornments- "For the Good of NICTIC"

IX.        5:00pm    Adjourn