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April 15, 2005 202-501-4633
Assistant Secretary Manson Meets with Officials from Argentina to Discuss Cooperative International Conservation Efforts

(WASHINGTON) -- Assistant Interior Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks Craig Manson met today with Norma Durango, deputy governor of Argentina's La Pampa province, and other senior provincial officials from Argentina to discuss cooperation between the two countries in wildlife conservation, including protection of habitat for birds that migrate between the two nations.

"Argentina has been a great partner with the United States in international wildlife conservation," Manson said. "The people of both of our countries cherish our native wildlife, including the bird species that migrate between our lands. With today's meeting, we are laying the groundwork to build on this long-standing partnership to achieve even more conservation in the future."

Manson oversees the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, both of which have programs to assist Argentina in park management and wildlife conservation.

The Park Service, for example, has sent teams of rangers to Argentina to conduct workshops on sustainable park management and hosted an Argentine biologist at Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska under its "Park Flight" program. The Fish and Wildlife Service has sponsored programs including training of Argentine students in zoology and wildlife conservation and research to reduce seabird mortality related to commercial fishing.

"I applaud Argentina for its commitment to conservation," Manson said. "Working in partnership, we will be able to ensure the children and grandchildren of the Americas will have the abundant fish and wildlife we enjoy today."

Other officials attending the meeting included Mirta Milesi, chairman of the Patagonic Parliament; Ester Acuna, deputy chairman of the Patagonic Parliament; Claudio Pardo, minister of tourism and environment for Tierra del Fuego province; Omar Contreras, secretary of tourism for Rio Negro province; Raul Miguel, director of tourism for Neuquen province; Rosa Chiquichano, state representative from La Pampa province; Ricardo Consiglio state representative from La Pampa province; Roberto Frate, state representative from Tierra del Fuego province; Christina Garrido, state representative from Neuquen province; Angelica Guzman, state representative from Tierra del Fuego province; Rodolfo Iturrioz, state representative from La Pampa province; Constantino Mesplatere, state representative from Neuquen province; and Juan Bolonci, coordinator from Rio Negro province. Carlos Mascias, the head of the political section for the Argentine embassy in the United States also attended.





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