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For Immediate Release: Oct. 28, 2004
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Secretary Norton Approves $120 million for Clark County Parks, Trails, Natural Areas
Projects provide citizens of southern Nevada with open spaces and opportunities for recreation


LAS VEGAS-Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton today announced approval of almost $120 million for nine projects under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act. Norton was accompanied by Rep. Jon Porter of Nevada's 3rd Congressional District in announcing the parks, trails and natural areas in Clark County to be funded under the second tier of Round 5 of SNPLMA.

"Through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act and the partnerships formed from it, we are providing communities better opportunities to grow and providing residents better opportunities to enjoy the outdoors," Norton said. "Interior's Bureau of Land Management manages a lot of land in Clark County. Some of the properties are more appropriate to community growth and development. Others, suitable for recreational use, are better served by the management of local government."

Norton noted that some of the projects announced today for funding are new, while others expand on previously approved proposals. "All of the projects were nominated by willing partners in local governments, including Clark County and the cities of North Las Vegas, Henderson and Las Vegas," she said. "Like other SNPLMA projects, these projects will serve the citizens of southern Nevada with open spaces and opportunities for recreation."

The projects to be funded under Round 5 include the following:

1. Union Pacific Railroad Trail (a right-of-way acquisition), City of Henderson $9 million;
2. Downtown Central Park Development, City of North Las Vegas, $5.5 million;
3. Southeast Area Shared-Use Trail System (a right-of-way acquisition), Clark County, $13.7 million;
4. Union Pacific Railroad Trail, Phase 3,City of Henderson, $27.5 million;
5. Southeast Area Shared-Use Trail System, Clark County, $10.5 million;
6. Bird View Preserve, City of Henderson, $1.6 million;
7. Wetlands Park - Magic Way Trailhead, Clark County, $1 million;
8. Mission View Park, City of Henderson, $3.9 million; and
9. Centennial Hills Park, City of Las Vegas, $36.2 million.

In addition to the nine projects being funded, a ten percent contingency ($10,839,500.) for additional, unanticipated costs, brings the total funding for these parks, trails and natural areas to $119,828,500.

Norton noted that the projects under SNPLMA are developed through a collaborative effort involving federal agencies, the state of Nevada, local governments and interested parties in Nevada.

The Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act was passed in 1998 to allow the Secretary of the Interior to dispose of land within a specified boundary around Las Vegas. Proceeds from the sale of land go into accounts for the Nevada general education program, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and into a special account that provides funding for parks, trails and natural areas; capital improvement on public land; developing a multi-species habitat conservation plan in Clark County; acquiring environmentally sensitive land; and conservation initiatives on public land. One of the uses of the special account is for development of parks, trails and natural areas pursuant to a cooperative agreement with a unit of local government or regional government.

Norton added that with the exception of the Lake Tahoe restoration and the purchase of environmentally sensitive land in Nevada, spending under SNPLMA is limited to Clark County. The use of funds for restoration work at Lake Tahoe was authorized through a 2003 amendment to the Act. In November 2003, the Act was amended to direct $37.5 million to Lake Tahoe each year to implement the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act (Federal Environmental Improvement Program responsibilities).

Back in August, Norton delivered the first tier of Round 5 under SNPLMA by announcing her approval of $37 million to restore and improve the water quality at Lake Tahoe.

For information on the Act, past expenditures and opportunities for nominating future acquisitions, visit this website:




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