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For Immediate Release: August 5, 2004
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Secretary Norton Announces $493 Million Earmarked for Nevada Conservation and Recreation


LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, accompanied by members of the Nevada Congressional delegation, today announced her approval of $493 million to improve parks, trails and natural areas, support conservation initiatives, improve federally-managed facilities and acquire environmentally sensitive lands in Nevada.

Norton noted that the funds for the improvements, support and acquisitions will come from the sale of public land under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998 (SNPLMA).

"Residents of and visitors to the beautiful State of Nevada will benefit greatly from the programs and projects to be funded by the money I have approved today," said Norton. "The Nevada Congressional delegation deserves to be commended for showing great vision in developing the law which provides this money."

Norton added that spending under SNPLMA is limited to Clark County, Nev., with the exception that SNPLMA funds may be utilized on Lake Tahoe restoration projects and to acquire environmentally sensitive land throughout the state. In this round of funding, $37 million has been approved for Lake Tahoe restoration project work.

"The Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act is innovative and good for Nevada," said Norton. "The proceeds from the land sales benefit citizens and visitors to Nevada by protecting environmentally sensitive lands and multispecies habitat as well as providing funds to improve recreational opportunities."

Under the SNPLMA, passed into law in October, 1998, the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management is authorized to sell public lands that are more appropriate for private ownership and development and turn the funds around for education programs and water resource and conservation projects in the State of Nevada. The land sold is controlled by the community and enables growth to be planned and coordinated for the fast-growing Las Vegas Valley.
Projects that are funded by SNPLMA are submitted each year to the Secretary of the Interior for approval. Today's approval marks the fifth round of approvals since the Act was signed into law in 1998. The project categories include parks, trails and natural areas managed by local governments in the Las Vegas area; preservation and conservation initiatives on federally-managed lands; development of the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan; and capital improvements on federally-managed lands in Clark County, acquisition of environmentally sensitive land within Nevada, and restoration of Lake Tahoe.



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