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Contact: Kathryn Harrington
For Immediate Release:June 14, 2004
Secretary Norton Welcomes Governor Schwarzenegger to Take Pride in America®

(WASHINGTON) - Interior Secretary Gale Norton today welcomed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Take Pride in America's Council of Governors, bringing the number of participating states to 44.

"Governor Schwarzenegger is committed to harnessing the awesome power of volunteers to help maintain and improve California's parks, beaches and forests," said Norton. "From the Pacific coast to the desert region, Take Pride in America is a wonderful opportunity for California's communities to join together in a concerted effort to keep one of America's most prized treasures - our public lands - vibrant and beautiful."

"California has active and willing volunteers, as we discovered during our New Year's Pledge Drive that netted over 400,000 hours of volunteer pledges for southern California public lands," said Marti Allbright, Take Pride in America executive director. Allbright and Norton also welcomed Marie Moretti of Go Serve as California's state coordinator for Take Pride. "We look forward to working with Marie Moretti, as well as Secretary of Resources Michael Chrisman and Director of State Parks Ruth Coleman, on Take Pride in America projects in California."

Take Pride in America's Council of Governors is made up of state governors who have signed formal agreements with the Take Pride program. Formal partnerships with state governments allow federal and state land managers to identify volunteer opportunities and to enlist public service commitments from citizens.

By partnering with Take Pride in America, Governor Schwarzenegger has pledged that California will help support the mission of Take Pride in America, which is to:

  • Increase awareness in the public of citizen responsibility for stewardship of our public lands, facilities, cultural and historical sites;
  • Increase volunteerism in the community to protect and maintain our public resources, including schools, parks, streets, beaches, state and federal lands, and cultural or historic sites; and
  • Recognize commendable volunteer projects and individuals.

Take Pride in America is a national partnership that aims to seek, support and recognize volunteers who work to improve our public parks, forests, grasslands, reservoirs, wildlife refuges, cultural and historic sites, local playgrounds, and other recreation areas. With 100 Charter Partners, Take Pride involves federal, state and local governments, conservation, youth and recreation groups, and top national corporations and organizations.

"Together, we protect and enhance the special legacy all Americans share - our public lands that cover one in every three acres across the nation.," said Secretary Norton. For more information visit:



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