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For Immediate Release: September 3, 2003

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NFL Players Promote Take Pride in America
During NFL Festival on Mall & in Broadcast of Game

(WASHINGTON) - Public service announcements will be broadcast during tonight's "NFL Kickoff Live 2003" on the Mall and on the nationally-broadcast game to promote the Department of Interior's TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA initiative, which encourages volunteerism on public lands. Take Pride is part of President George W. Bush's USA Freedom Corps, dedicated to fostering a culture of service to others.

"The NFL is proud to be part of the national Take Pride in America Initiative to encourage protection of public lands and cultural resources," says Patrick Ramsey, Washington Redskins quarterback, in one of the public service announcements to be broadcast Thursday. "Volunteer. It's your land. Lend a hand." LaVar Arrington, Redskins linebacker, says, "It makes me proud to have the NFL join with so many others in Take Pride in America." The PSAs can be viewed at

"We greatly appreciate the commitment of these players and the NFL to showcase public service by volunteers to protect our natural resources," Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton said. Secretary Norton will welcome the crowd - including thousands of military personnel - to the National Mall tonight for a free concert. The PSAs will show on the Jumbotron and in broadcasts of the game on ABC television and CBS radio.

"Take Pride in America is a national partnership that aims to inspire a new generation of volunteers to put their love of country to work to improve our national parks, wildlife refuges, public lands, cultural sites, playgrounds and other recreation areas," Secretary Norton said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 3, Norton, former Redskins Darrell Green and Mark Moseley, former Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris and other volunteers joined Home Depot to assist KaBOOM, a nonprofit organization, in building a "playground for hope" at the WC Smith Housing development in southeast Washington, D.C.

Take Pride in America has a booth at the free football festival between 7th and 12th streets northwest on the Mall. At the booth, decorated with Take Pride in America banners, volunteers can sign up to help and get more information about how to get involved in Take Pride in America.

"This partnership will help invigorate countless Americans to roll up their shirtsleeves and volunteer to restore a cultural or natural resource in their community," says Marti Allbright, executive director of Take Pride in America. Secretary Norton launched the Take Pride in America program on April 16, 2003, at the National Press Club. On June 27, Norton named Allbright, former Chief Deputy Attorney General of Colorado, as the director.

In less than five months, Take Pride in America already has gained tremendous momentum by holding community service and award events and enlisting more than a 100 charter partners - including major corporations, conservation groups, service organizations, trade associations and a bipartisan coalition of state governors. Formal partnerships with state governments allow federal and state land managers to identify volunteer opportunities and to enlist public service commitments from citizens.

Companies, conservation groups and others can help by sponsoring Take Pride in America cleanup days or by committing blocks of volunteer service time to local restoration efforts. Take Pride sponsors a national recognition and awards program

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