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CONTACT: Dan Dubray
Feb. 26, 2003

DOI Agreement With High-Tech Company Will Expand Usage of
GIS Mapping Software Across Indian Country


WASHINGTON – Acting Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Aurene M. Martin today announced the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is part of a three-year Department of the Interior (DOI) agreement with one of the nation’s leading producers of high-tech geographic mapping software that will expand the usage of geographic information system (GIS) technology throughout Indian Country.


Martin says the Department has successfully negotiated an amendment to its blanket licensing agreement for mapping software with ESRI of Redlands, California.  The agreement will broaden the use of the software in BIA offices and provides software licenses for tribal governments. 


“The economic development blueprint for Indian Country includes full use of the tools of the modern, high-tech world,” Martin said today.  “This new software agreement will not only increase the use of this modern mapping technology at BIA offices nationwide but it will facilitate the expanded use of GIS by tribal governments.  This technology is the latest tool in the field of spatial data mapping.  Land and resource managers, as well as tribal governments across Indian Country, will continue to benefit from the use of this modern software and they will acquire it and technical support at the lowest cost possible.”


ESRI produces GIS software that is currently in use by federal, state and local governments across the nation.  Currently, ESRI software is used throughout BIA and Indian Country.  After implementation, the agreement will have generated even more use of GIS technology with the addition of new software licenses.  BIA will continue to provide software training to its employees and tribal members.




[Editors Note: ESRI spokesman John Steffenson may be contacted to discuss the mapping software at (303) 449-7779 (extension 8237).  The Coeur D’Alene Tribe GIS Department actively utilizes the ESRI product.  Contact Frank Roberts of the Coeur D’Alene Tribe to discuss the practical applications of the software in Indian Country at (208) 686-5307 or visit