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Office of the Secretary, Alaska Energy, Climate Change, Conservation, Press Release
Secretary Jewell and Canadian officials sitting around a table in a conference room with national flags behind them.

Secretary Jewell discussed potential strategies to address the impacts of climate change, conservation and wildlife management, investing in indigenous knowledge, and working together toward a sustainable, responsible energy future.

Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
The sun shines down on a twisty, curvy canyon filled with dark water.

Share the Experience gives amateur photographers the chance to showcase their skills by capturing the beauty of the nation’s public lands and waters. The top-prize photograph, made by Yang Lu of El Segundo, Calif., captures a dramatic sunrise at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah.

National Park Service, Florida, Office of the Secretary, Climate Change, Press Release
An alligator and birds walk together across the road in Everglades National Park.

As part of Earth Day celebrations, Secretary Jewell today announced the next phase of bridging to the Tamiami Trail, an ongoing project which provides ecological restoration benefits to Everglades National Park and the central Everglades in Florida. 

Bureau of Indian Affairs, California, Idaho, South Dakota, Press Release
Interior Deputy Secretary Michael L. Connor and others sitting at a table listening to someone speak.

The Department has thus far entered into agreements with 31 tribal nations to cooperatively carry out the Buy-Back Program. Each agreement is unique in time, scope and responsibilities, based on the expressed interests of the tribe.

Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arkansas, Press Release
A group of birds flying over a grassy plain with mountains in the background.

The grants have been approved by the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission which provides the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners the ability to purchase, lease or otherwise conserve more than 275,000 acres of wetland and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, shorebirds and other birds across North America.

Press Release
Secretary Jewell standing in front of a forest and mountains.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today laid out a vision for actions the nation can take to build upon America’s rich conservation legacy and pass on healthy public lands and waters to the next generation.  

Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
A hiker stands on a bolder overlooking river valley as the sun sets. Photo of Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area by Bob Wick, BLM.

The funds, which are generated out of a portion of the lease revenue from offshore oil and gas development, support state-identified and community-supported projects that create jobs, contribute to local economies, and grow outdoor recreational opportunities in virtually every county across the country.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Alabama, Alaska, Press Release
Two BSEE Preparedness Analysts inspect oil spill response equipment in Louisiana.

The final rule is a comprehensive regulation addressing all dimensions of well control, including more stringent design requirements and operational procedures for critical well control equipment used in oil and gas operations on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Education, California, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
Secretary Jewell sitting at a table with Native American students looking at a computer.

The Scholarship Fund – funded in part by the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations (Buy-Back Program) and authorized by the Cobell Settlement – provides financial assistance through scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native students wishing to pursue post-secondary and graduate education and training.

National Park Service, District of Columbia, Office of the Secretary, History, Press Release
The Sewall-Belmont House and Museum stands on a corner in Washington, D.C.

Secretary Jewell applauded President Obama’s announcement of the designation of the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, emblematic of the mission to advance women’s rights throughout the 20th Century.  

Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, California, Oregon, Press Release
Secretary Jewell and other federal, state and tribal officials standing behind a table and holding up the signed agreement.

This new agreement acknowledges that additional work is necessary to fully restore the Klamath Basin, advance the recovery of its fisheries, uphold trust responsibilities to the tribes, and sustain the region’s farming and ranching economy.

Bureau of Land Management, California, Office of the Secretary, Climate Change, Press Release
A bright sunset on a clear evening over the hills of Soda Mountain Wilderness in California.

The project was developed through extensive outreach and consultation, rigorous science-based analysis and substantial mitigation to address issues raised by stakeholders, partner agencies, the developer and the public.

National Park Service, District of Columbia, Office of the Secretary, Diversity, Press Release
The Sewall-Belmont House is a three story brick building in Washington, D.C.

Located on Capitol Hill, the Sewall-Belmont House includes a museum, library, and extensive collections and archives associated with the National Woman’s Party, its founder Alice Paul, and the mission to advance women's rights throughout the 20th century.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Education, Missouri, Montana, Press Release
Photo of Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow in a traditional headdress.

“Joe Medicine Crow was an educator, a veteran, a war chief and a living legend to so many people, including elders and young people across Indian Country."

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, District of Columbia, Office of the Secretary, Conservation, Press Release
A large African elephant bull in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Photo by Joe Milmoe, USFWS

The illegal wildlife trade is threatening the survival of many species in the wild. In a recent three-year period, approximately one fifth of the entire African elephant population – 100,000 elephants – were killed for their ivory.

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