WTAS: Zinke Praised for Recommendation on National Monuments

What They Are Saying About Secretary Zinke’s recommendation to President Trump on the National Monuments

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Date: August 25, 2017
Contact: Interior_Press@ios.doi.gov

The Washington Post: Secretary Zinke’s monument review is praised by New England and Hawaii commercial fishing groups, along with New Mexico ranchers. “Fishing groups said they were encouraged by Zinke stating that his recommendations would “provide a much needed change for the local communities who border and rely on these lands for hunting and fishing.” “Hispanic ranchers from New Mexico who met with U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke while he gathered information about national monuments say they’re encouraged that the changes could help them get more grazing and water rights.” (editorial: “The Latest: REI pledges to oppose US monument changes,” The Washington Post, 8-24-17)

Roll Call: House Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop “called for Congress to overhaul the Antiquities Act to place “reasonable limits” on the way presidents use the statute.” “...the Obama administration had abused the statute that allows presidents to designate national monuments without congressional action. The Interior review, he said, was necessary because some of the designations were a result of abuse of the statute and did not allow for adequate input by local communities.” (editorial: “Monuments Review Spurts Call to Overhaul Antiquities Act,” Roll Call, 8-24-17)

Waco Tribune-Herald: The Waco Tribune-Herald praises “Secretary Ryan Zinke’s reported decision to preserve those national monuments whose designations suddenly appeared in doubt.” “One reason this newspaper cheered Zinke’s addition to the president’s cabinet this year was because of his staunchly conservative credentials as a Republican congressman, yet his resistance to those on the far right who want the government to sell off or give away federal lands, including, yes, parks and monuments. Whatever else, Zinke has indicated he understands President Teddy Roosevelt’s insight in first employing the National Antiquities Act of 1906 in preserving public lands.” (editorial: “Praise for Interior Secretary Zinke’s recommendation preserving our national monuments,” Waco Tribune-Herald, 8-24-17)

Las Cruces Sun-News: Secretary Zinke came to New Mexico with legitimate reasons and left with information he needs to make a recommendation, not a popular vote for or against the monument. “he visited with the governor, local government, tribal representatives, veterans, Friends of the Organ Mountains, officials concerned with flood control, watershed management, rights of way, border security, public safety officials and ranchers. In my estimation, he visited with a broad spectrum of local citizens to hear their concerns, and not whether people were for or against the monument.” (editorial: “Zinke monument review has been fair,” Las Cruces Sun-News, 8-24-17)

Americans for Tax Reform: Americans for Tax Reform’s president Grover Norquist applauds Secretary Zinke’s “efforts to highlight some of the most prevalent issues facing national monument designations under the Antiquities Act.” “For too long the Antiquities Act has allowed for the unbridled abuse of executive power, far beyond what lawmakers intended when the Act was first passed. The Antiquities Act has permitted past Presidents to designate vast swaths of public land as national monuments unilaterally, often with little to no input from affected stakeholders.” (editorial: “ATR applauds Secretary Zinke’s Efforts to Improve Antiquities Act Designations,” Americans for Tax Reform, 8-24-17)

Americans for Prosperity: Americans for Prosperity praises Secretary Zinke for sending “President Trump a series of recommendations designed to give additional flexibility to local communities impacted by overly broad management of federal lands under the Antiquities Act.” “We’re pleased that Secretary Zinke has undertaken a review of these large sites from the past two decades to ensure the government is not needlessly encroaching on local economic use, tribal activities, recreation, or simple public access.” (editorial: “AFP Thanks Interior Secretary for Recommendations to Rein in Antiquities Act Abuses,” Americans for Prosperity, 8-24-17)

Washington Times: The Washington Times praises Secretary Zinke saying “Interior’s Ryan Zinke thankfully suggests shrinking national monuments.” “Americans find themselves facing the slow erosion of private property rights, while would-be miners suffer the very real plight of losing jobs, losing money, losing the freedom to tap resources as they see fit. It’s high time reason be restored to the oft-burdensome, oft-restrictive government bureaucracies in charge of all the U.S. land management and control, agencies that include the National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management and Environmental Protection Agency,” (editorial: Interior’s Ryan Zinke thankfully suggests shrinking national monuments,” Washington Times, 8-25-17)

Bangor Daily News: Various members of Congress praise Zinke for Monument recommendation. “I am confident that the decision that [Zinke] announces will reflect his in-depth consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders and people in the region,” Sen. Susan Collins said. U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree said she liked Zinke’s “deliberative study of the monument, his recommendation to protect it.” Congressman Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican, said the president should take all the time he needs to study the report before releasing it,”(editorial: Interior Secretary Zinke recommends keeping Maine’s national monument, Bangor Daily News, 8-25-17)

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