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Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Education, Washington, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
Mike Connor stands at a podium outside next to an American flag.

During a visit to the Swinomish Tribe, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael L. Connor today announced the publication of an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Advanced Notice) to comprehensively update the regulations governing trade occurring within Indian country. 

Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Press Release
A large mammoth tusk lays on the ground by the BLM employee who uncovered it.

The proposed rule provides standards for a coordinated approach to the management of paleontological resources on lands managed by four DOI Bureaus.

Office of Surface Mining, Tennessee, Office of the Secretary, America's Great Outdoors, Press Release
A landscape photo of tree covered mountains on a foggy morning.

Today’s action helps protect a spectacular area of eastern Tennessee that is critical to the region’s tourism and outdoor recreation economy, provides valuable fish and wildlife habitat and supports a healthy watershed.

Bureau of Indian Education, North Dakota, Office of the Secretary, Native Americans, Press Release
Secretary Jewell standing at a podium in front of a backdrop.

The Army's announcement underscores that tribal rights are essential components of the analysis to be undertaken in the environmental impact statement going forward.

National Park Service, Virginia, Office of the Secretary, Conservation, Press Release
An aerial view of Werowocomoco with trees, fields and water.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell yesterday joined Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the Chiefs of five American Indian tribes and leaders of The Conservation Fund to recognize the acquisition of a major American Indian site in Virginia.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Press Release
Two people pull two rafts on a river with foggy mountains in the background.

The Memorandum of Agreement with the Commission will foster a greater role for the Ahtna people in managing subsistence moose and caribou hunting for tribal members under the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

Bureau of Land Management, Nevada, Office of the Secretary, History, Press Release
A large brown rock is covered with ancient drawings.

This transfer means that the Fallon Paiute Shoshone, which is the closest Tribe living on aboriginal lands near the known burial site, now has full legal control and may take permanent possession of the Spirit Cave Assemblage.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Press Release
A large group of people standing in a river fishing with nets as the sun goes down.

As chair, Christianson will lead the decision-making body for the management of fish and wildlife resources for subsistence uses on 230 million acres of federal land -- or 60 percent of the land in the state.

National Park Service, Montana, Wyoming, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
A herd of bison move from left to right across a grassy hillside with foggy mountains in the background.

New mining claims will now be prohibited on approximately 30,000 acres of U.S. Forest Service land near the park’s northern entrance.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Alabama, Alaska, California, Press Release
An oil rig stands alone on a large body of water, no land in sight.

Release of the Proposed Final Program, along with the accompanying Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, is one of the final steps in a multi-year process that was initiated in June 2014 to develop a final offshore leasing program for 2017-2022.

Bureau of Land Management, Colorado, Office of the Secretary, Conservation, Press Release
A still lake reflects the autumn trees and snow capped mountains surrounding it.

The Record of Decision addresses deficiencies in the original environmental analyses and process used to support the initial issuance of oil and gas leases in the region.

District of Columbia, Office of the Secretary, Open Government Initiative, Press Release
A green map of the United States with the caption "Explore data"

Participating EITI countries work collaboratively with industry and civil society representatives to implement the initiative and to publish an annual report in which governments and companies publicly disclose royalties, rents, bonuses, taxes, and other payments from oil, gas and mining resources. The United States is an EITI implementing country.

Bureau of Indian Education, Bureau of Land Management, District of Columbia, Office of the Secretary, Press Release
Pink flowers sit on a downward slope covered in green towards a body of water.

The cancellation respects recommendations by the U.S. Forest Service, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and concerns expressed by the Blackfeet Tribe and interested members of the public. It is also consistent with the BLM decision earlier this year to cancel the lease held by Solonex LLC. 

Bureau of Land Management, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Press Release
Two pipes stand in a muddy field with controlled flames coming out of them.

The BLM’s previous rules addressing venting and flaring were adopted long before new technologies unlocked vast new natural gas supplies in the United States.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, North Dakota, South Dakota, Press Release
A pipeline runs down a wide dirt track between fields.

The Army has determined that additional discussion and analysis are warranted in light of the history of the Great Sioux Nation’s dispossessions of lands, the importance of Lake Oahe to the Tribe, our government-to-government relationship, and the statute governing easements through government property.

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