The Department of the Interior has a strong commitment to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species that can have a negative impact on America's economy, the environment, native plants and animals, and human health. As an example of this commitment, the Office of Policy Analysis provides staffing and administrative support to the National Invasive Species Council (NISC). Established by Executive Order (EO) 13112, NISC is co-chaired by the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture and Commerce; ten additional Federal departments and agencies are represented on NISC. The mission of NISC is to ensure that Federal actions to prevent and control invasive species are well coordinated, effective and efficient.

Some critical coordination issues include:

• Raising awareness about the environmental and economic impacts of invasive species, and determining how to best protect natural resources;

• Preventing the introduction of additional invasive species;

• Early detection of invasive species populations, and encouraging rapid responses to slow their spread and prevent their establishment;

• Controlling established invasive species to protect, and where needed, restore natural resources;

• Addressing a range of Federal organizational collaboration challenges;

• Using international-scale approaches and regional initiatives to address the movement of invasive species around the globe.

Tangible improvements in water quality, species recovery and habitat improvement are being acheived through collaborative partnerships to prevent and control invasive species.

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