PPA - Ocean, Coastal and Great Lakes Policy Coordination

The Interior Department is one of our Nation's principal stewards for our Ocean, Coastal and Great Lakes resources and recognizes the vital connection between the health of our Nation's natural resources and human health and economy. Interior studies, manages and conserves watersheds, coastal lands and ocean waters to:

· provide robust scientific programs that inform decisions and reduce risk,
· ensure safe and responsible development of natural, mineral and energy resources,
· promote healthy and productive ecosystems through informed management and monitoring,
· protect native species and their habitats,
· provide rich cultural and recreational opportunities for the public, and
· support state, Tribal, regional and local partnerships.

The Office of Policy Analysis supports the Department of the Interior's Ocean, Coastal and Great Lakes Policy Coordination activities across Interior's Bureaus and with other Federal agencies. Through collaborative partnerships, Interior integrates effective multiple-use resource management from upland watersheds to deep oceanic waters. For more information on Interior's Ocean, Coastal and Great Lakes activities, please visit: http://www.doi.gov/pmb/ocean