DCC Testimonials

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Every month, countless employees are joining DOI Career Connection (DCC). DCC is the Department’s workforce development tool for sharing short-term broadening assignments, details, and laterals across the DOI.  Here’s what some of them have to say about their opportunity…


“I did a part-time 90-day detail with the DOI University helping to create an on-line Business Acumen guidebook for Senior Executives. The tool focused specifically on the OPM Executive Core Qualification of Business Acumen.  While I worked for the government for eighteen years, I greatly increased my knowledge of Financial Management, including Indian Self Determination Grants, IT Acquisition, and Financial Reporting.  I also made great connections with members of different DOI Bureaus.  Perhaps, the most interesting benefit was that I was able to use this detail as one of my examples of Business Acumen when I applied for the SES Candidate Development Program.” 

---Hillary Smith 


“Since I was still fairly new to the Department, this detail allowed me to get a look into the other areas the Department are performing services for the American People. Ultimately this opportunity provided me with exposure to the Department services/offices that I may not have experienced due to my current job role.  This detail also provided confirmation that I can thrive in any environment and in my ability to take on any task placed in front of me and to excel at it. 

This detail provided me the opportunity to network and leverage my experience from other agencies to challenge myself professionally. It allowed me to take on tasks that I routinely would not be exposed to and work diligently to provided results for not only the Deputy Assistant Secretary but also with all of the Directors under the Administrative Services Division.” 

--James DeLoach