(signed pdf)

June 3, 2014

To: Bureau Equal
Employment Opportunity Officers

From: Sharon D. Eller,
Director, Office of Civil Rights /signed/

Subject: Entering Events and Uploading
Documents into the DOI iComplaints System

Please find enclosed new Civil Rights Directive 2014-08, Entering Events
and Uploading Documents into the DOI iComplaints System.

Distribution: Bureau EEO Officers and Complaints Managers,
Office of the Secretary EEO Complaints Manager

Inquiries: Tanisha M. Edmonds, Acting Chief,
Employment Complaints and Adjudication Division, Office of Civil Rights, (202) 208-4016, or Designee

Expiration:When Superseded

NO. 2014-08

Subject:Entering Events and Uploading Documents into
the DOI iComplaints System

1. Purpose.

This Directive establishes standards, provides guidance, and
conveys Bureau and Office of the Secretary (OS) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office responsibilities with
respect to complaints tracking, monitoring and management of complaints
processing documents within the DOI iComplaints system. All bureaus must maintain new complaint files
based upon the format, form, timeliness, completeness, and content requirements
as set forth below.

2. Authorities.

29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 1614, Federal Sector
Equal Employment Opportunity;29 C.F.R. §1614.602(a) (Reports to the

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Federal Sector
    Report, Attaining a Model Agency Program: Efficiency, Effective Complaints
    Tracking and Monitoring System

3. Policy.

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR), all Bureau EEO Offices, and the OS EEO
Office will maintain a Complaint-Tracking ,
to accurately capture data for the Annual Federal EEO Statistical Report of
Discrimination Complaints (the 462 Report). This Complaint-Tracking System shall be an
accurate, accessible, verifiable and comprehensive tracking system for managing
an effective and timely complaint processing program.

Bureau EEO Officers and the OS Complaints Manager will ensure all iComplaints
users within his/her Bureau EEO Office or the OS EEO Office have a user account
and appropriate training. Bureau EEO Officers and the OS Complaints Manager
will ensure all complaints processing documents for complaints of
discrimination being processed by his/her EEO Office are uploaded and
associated events are entered into the iComplaints system.

All bureaus must maintain copies of all files
within iComplaints, shared drives or in hard copy for complaints that are
pending before the EEOC Hearings Division, Office of Federal Operations, or the
U.S. District Court. To commence the litigation hold of files, actual notice
shall be required, such as a Request for a Hearing before the EEOC or a notice
of filing in U.S. District Court from a complainant or a complainant's

4. Scope.

The policies and procedures in this document apply to OCR, all Bureau EEO
Offices and the OS EEO Office.

5. Responsibilities

a. Required Documents Within iComplaints.

The Bureau EEO Officer or OS
Complaints Manager must ensure that the following documents and associated
events, including the Report of Investigation (ROI), are uploaded into the DOI iComplaints
system for each complaint of discrimination being processed by the Bureau or OS
EEO Office within 2 business days of the event or receipt of the document:



Initial Contact

(462: Informal Start)

Initial Interview – Rights and Responsibilities issued

Initial Interview-Rights and Responsibilities

Extension of Counseling Document

Counseling 60-Day Extension (462: Extension Granted)

EEOC Remanded Complaint for Counseling

Counseled on Remand (462: Remanded)

ADR Offered

(462: ADR Offered)

ADR Accepted

(462: ADR Accepted- (Extends 60 Days))

(462: Mediation)

(462: Ombudsman)

(462: Other ADR Attempt)

(462: Settlement Conference)

ADR Rejected

Rejected by Complainant (462: Rejected by Individual)

ADR Failed

(462:No Resolution
(ADR End))

ADR Never Conducted

(462: ADR End)

Notice of Final Interview and Right to File issued

Notice of Final Interview and Right to File

Formal Discrimination Complaint

Formal Filed (462: Formal Start)

Acknowledgment Letter

Issued Acknowledgment Letter (462: Written Notification

Notice of Acceptance

Notice of Acceptance (462: Claims Accepted)

Procedural Dismissal

Notice of Dismissal FAD-Dismissal (462: Claims Dismissed)

Investigator Assignment

Investigator Assignment (462: Investigator Assignment)

Investigation Start

(462: Investigation Start)

90-day Extension of Investigation

90-day Extension (462: 90-Day Extension)

Amendment Accepted during Investigation

Amendment Accepted-Inv Extended (462: Amendment)

ROI and Election Letter Issued and Proof of Receipt

ROI Issued (462: Investigation End)

Request for FAD

Complainant Request for FAD (462: Request for FAD)

EEOC Hearing Request

EEOC Hearing Request (462: Hearing Requested)

AJ Ordered FAD

AJ Ordered FAD (462: AJ Ordered FAD)

EEOC Hearing Decision

Received AJ's Decision (462: AJ's Decision)

Final Order

+ AJ Decision Fully Implemented (462: AJ Decision Fully

+ AJ Decision not Fully Implemented (462:AJ Decision not Fully Implemented)

Complainant Appeal Notice

Complainant Appealed Decision

Agency Appeal

+ Agency Appealed Finding not Remedy (462: Agency Appealed
Finding not Remedy)

+ Agency Appealed Remedy not Finding (462: Agency Appealed
Remedy not Finding)

+ Agency Appealed both Finding and Remedy (462: Agency
Appealed both Finding and Remedy)

OFO Acknowledgment of Appeal

Files submitted to OFO

Submission of case file to OFO

OFO Appeal Decision

Complainant or Agency filed Request for Reconsideration

Acknowledgment of Request for Reconsideration Received

OFO Decision on Request for Reconsideration

Civil Action

(462: Civil Action)

Corrective Actions



Settlement Agreement

Compliance Documents


File Requirements Within iComplaints.

i. Size

The file size
limit has been increased to:

55 MB per file

90 MB total per

If the ROI is larger than 50 MB or
causes the complaint file to exceed 90 MB, the ROI should be reduced in size
using Adobe Acrobat (Tools/Document Processing/Optimize Scanned
PDF/Optimization Options/Small Size). Where it is necessary to divide large ROI
files into smaller files, bookmarks must be created again.

ii. Format

Documents must be in a PDF format
with these features:

(a) and word-searchable (Optical Character Recognition),

(b) bookmarks of key sections noted below.

iii. Bookmarks