U.S. Department of the Interior

Office of the Secretary

Washington, D.C. 20240


To: Bureau Equal Opportunity Officers

From: E. Melodee Stith, Director, Office for Equal Opportunity

Subject: Cooperation and Conduct of Department of the Interior employees in EEO Investigations

By letter dated August 22, 2002, the San Francisco EEOC District Office brought to my attention, the fact that some employees within the Department of the Interior had refused to cooperate with an EEO investigation. The Administrative Judge wrote in part...“ am compelled to comment on the inappropriate conduct of ...personnel in refusing to cooperate with an EEO investigation and refusing to provide relevant documents. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable....”

Such conduct is inconsistent with the spirit of the Federal EEO Complaint Process, and is not in keeping with our responsibilities in conducting ourselves appropriately as federal employees. Further, MD-110 stipulates that the agency retains responsibility for conducting an appropriate investigation of complaints filed against them. The Director, EEO must ensure that the complaints process is carried out as expeditiously as possible.

Bureau Equal Opportunity Officers, as well as Equal Opportunity Staff throughout the Department, are responsible for ensuring that EEO investigations are conducted in a timely, appropriate and professional manner at all times and that employees cooperate fully with the EEO Counselor, the EEO Investigator in all phases of the investigation. Failure to do so may result in adverse inferences drawn against the agency.

Distribution: All Bureau/Office Equal Opportunity Officers

Inquiries: Mercedes Flores, Chief of Staff, Office for Equal Opportunity, (202) 208-6120

Expiration: When superseded