United States Department of the Interior

Office of the Secretary

Washington, D.C. 20240

January 10, 2002


To: Bureau Equal Opportunity Officers

From: Director, Office for Equal Opportunity

Subject: FY 2002 Information for Agencies that Administer Federally Assisted Programs Subject to Executive Order 12250

This is a reminder for those agencies that administer federally assisted programs subject to Executive Order 12250, please find attached the Department of Justice's guidance for information and reporting requirements. You will note that the workload and performance data requirements remain unchanged. However, Justice has streamlined the reporting categories previously developed by OMB and the Civil Rights Division. DOJ has requested that each agency address separately its nondisability and disability related compliance activities to the extent possible.

As you know, this is an annual report required each January 31st. Please submit your responses to Melvin Fowler no later than January 24, 2002.


Distribution: All Bureau/Office Equal Opportunity Officers

Inquiries: Melvin Fowler - Office for Equal Opportunity, (202) 208-3455

Expiration: February 1, 2002

(Call 208-3455 for attachment)