Appendix 1

Collateral Duty EEO Counselor Position Description

The incumbent of this position is a designated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor, which is an official EEO responsibility under the technical supervision and guidance of the EEO Officer. He or she is required to be available as an objective and impartial channel through which aggrieved persons may raise questions and seek resolution of problems which involve allegations of discrimination. Matters are handled on an informal basis. The incumbent counsels employees and applicants for employment who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, reprisal, sexual orientation, genetic information, status as a parent, or subjected to reprisal because of participation in activity protected by Federal regulations, statute, or Departmental policy.

The incumbent conducts a thorough interview with the aggrieved person, helps him or her understand the nature of the problem, and explains in detail the EEO complaint process. The incumbent assists the aggrieved person in exploring alternate ways of solving the problem such as appeals, grievances, or use of the alternative dispute resolution process. The incumbent attempts to informally resolve the problem(s) by:

  1. Obtaining facts to define the issues;

  2. Organizing the information to develop a clear picture of the situation;

  3. Thoroughly discussing the matter with the parties involved including management officials; and,

  4. Attempting to negotiate an informal resolution.

Upon completion of the counseling activity, the incumbent issues a notice of final interview to the aggrieved individual and prepares and submits a Report of Counseling to the EEO Officer. The incumbent also provides to the EEO Officer, on a regular basis, reports on counseling activities, including attempts to informally resolve workplace issues.

Counseling duties are performed under the supervision of the EEO Officer who is responsible for evaluating the counselor's performance. Requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act are to be observed. The EEO Counselor must be familiar with and observe applicable Federal, Departmental and Equal Employment Opportunity Program requirements and guidelines. This is a collateral duty assignment performed in addition to the duties of a regular full-time position. These collateral duties are not to constitute more than 20 percent of the total assignment of duty time.