U.S. Department of the Interior

Office of the Secretary

Washington, D.C. 20240

June 6, 2001


To: Bureau/Office Equal Opportunity Officers

From: Carolyn M. Burrell, Assistant Director, Complaints Processing and Adjudication

Subject: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Monthly Reporting Forms

This Directive is to provide you with a standard format for your use in reporting Bureau/Office activities relative to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In order to evaluate the overall effectiveness and success of ADR, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires that we report, annually, on our progress with implementation of ADR programs. This office also reviews activities of Bureaus to determine how often ADR is utilized and to try and determine its effectiveness in resolving disputes. Toward this end, we are monitoring the training and education of employees on the program, the types of issues being taken to ADR, the profile of employees participating in ADR, and money expended both in training and in settlement activities.

Up to this point, we have received very few voluntary reports from Bureaus/Offices and there has been little consistency in the reporting of ADR activities. Therefore, for your convenience, we have developed the attached forms to report ADR activities during both the informal (pre-complaint) and formal stages. Please feel free to reproduce this report as necessary. We are requesting that you use this reporting format only when providing information to this office on ADR activities. The report should be attached to your monthly complaints status report when it is sent to our office. For the convenience of those Bureaus that submit their monthly complaints status reports electronically, the reporting format is also being provided via electronic transmission.

As a point of clarification, any ADR activity that is engaged in during the EEO Counseling stage, or after initial counselor contact, is to be reported on the Informal reporting form. Any ADR activity that is engaged in after the filing of a formal (written) complaint and prior to a complainant's election for final decision are to be reported on the Formal reporting form. We are not using this report for ADR activities engaged in as a result of settlement negotiations for cases pending before an EEOC administrative judge. A key to the ADR report is provided that defines terms used in the categories and provides instructions on how to complete each category.

You should begin submitting this report effective with submission of your monthly complaints status report for the month ending June 30, 2001. We are further requesting that your first report cover the time period commencing October 1, 2000 and ending June 30, 2001. All reports, thereafter, should only reflect ADR activities for the month being reported on. Finally, two ADR reports (one for informal activity and one for formal activity) should be submitted each month even if there has been no activity.

For your assistance, we are also providing you with a sample report (completed). Please share this information with your field organizational units.

Attachments - Reporting Format

Sample Report

Key to ADR Report

(Call 202-208-4015 for attachments)

DISTRIBUTION: Bureau and Office Equal Opportunity Managers

INQUIRIES: Carolyn M. Burrell, Assistant Director, Complaints Processing and Adjudication, (202) 208-4015

EXPIRATION: When superseded