Memorandum on Submission of Appeals and Complaint Files - 9-12-13

PB No. 13.03 - Transgender and Other Gender Non-Conforming Employee Policy

373 DM Procedures for Processing Complaints of Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Civil Rights Directives (CRD's):

CRD 2014-08 Entering Events and Uploading Documents into the DOI iComplaints System
CRD 2014-07 Delegation of Authority for the DOI iComplaints System
CRD 2014-06 Procedures for Issuance of Final Agency Decisions
CRD 2014-05 Transmittal of Appeal Files to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
CRD 2014-04 Transmittal of Files to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for Hearings (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-03 Procedures for Final Agency Decisions-Partial Dismissals of Complaints (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-02 Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures (appendix) (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-01 Annual EEO Program Status Report, MD 715

CRD 2012-05
Processing EEO Complaints Based on Sex Discrimination - Gender Identity, Change of Sex, and/or Transgender Status

CRD 2012-04
Procedures for Processing Alternate EEO Cases

CRD 2012-02
Schedule for Regular and Recurring EEO Reports

CRD 2012-01
Special Emphasis Observance Committee Charter, Revised

CRD 2011-01
Public Civil Rights Complaints Procedures (Supercedes EOD No. 1998-13)

CRD 2011-02
Public Civil Rights Compliance Review

Policy for Implementing a Public Civil Rights Program

Open Captioning of Audio-Visual Media

Delegation of Federal Assistance and Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Complaints to Bureaus for Processing