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  1. Cultures and Groups A huge alphabetical list of cultural/ethnic groups from around the world, with more than 2,300 links in all, supported by Yahoo. Includes Kung San, Acadian, Ainu, Albanian, ... Turkmen, Tuva, Ugandan, etc.
  2. Hyphenated-Americans Lists of links for many groups from Arab-Americans to Welsh-Americans, supported by Yahoo.
  3. Federal Web Sites Links to all the Departments and most of the agencies, maintained by the Washington Post.
  4. FedAmerica offers free handbooks (CSRS and FERS retirement guides, FEHB health benefits, pay manuals, career transition handbooks, etc.) and other information for Federal careers.
  5. Government Information Xchange, provided by the Center for Emerging Technologies in the General Services Administration, provides agency listings and phone directories, product recalls and other consumer information, lists of grants and loans, government publications, trademark information, purchase of forfeited and surplus property, Social Security, Medicare, tax information, and a great deal of other government information.
  6. EEO Services. Industry experts under GSA contract to provide services in EEO training and consulting, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), investigations and counseling, settlement agreements, and more.
  7. Where are they? Maps of racial concentration by county, from the U. S. Census Bureau American Fact Finder. Select "Quick Thematic Maps", the geography of interest, the "theme" of "percent of persons" for the group of interest, then create the map.
  8. Hate Crimes in America, sites dealing with crimes against race, religion, and sexual orientation, supported by Yahoo.
  9. Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center, offers a wide variety of assistance and, under "National Center Directory", an extensive list of local centers.
  10. The HIV Info Web, an on-line library containing HIV and AIDS-related information, organized in 30 topic areas, maintained by Health Information systems of JRI Health.
  11. Holidays and Observances An extensive list of observances, maintained by Yahoo. The place to check if your are not sure about the Day of the Dead or the Festival of Bharat.
  12. Scholar search is a financial aid search database from the Department of Energy and TIYM Publishing Co., Inc. It lists hundreds of thousands of scholarships, grants, internships, and fellowships, organized by level of study (pre-college to post doctoral), disability, minority status, religion, and specific colleges. It will assist you in getting applications, notify you when new scholarships become available which meet your profile, and allow you to check back.
  13. Diversity in the National Park Service
  14. Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, maintained by MIT, is a data base of about 20 related topic areas.
  15. Diversity Database, supported by the University of Maryland, provides definitions, lists of resources by topic area, a news bureau, and a search capability.
  16. Patrin is a learning resource and information center about Romani (Gypsy) culture, social issues, and current events.
  17. The Training Technology Resource Center (TTRC), created by the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor, provides a search capability for a rich data base of training resources and issues.