Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Resources

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  1. Pacific Island Internet Resources provides a map of 20 groups of Pacific islands, with numerous links for each.

  2. History of Oceania Documents relating to the history of various Pacific islands, supported by the World History Archives of Hartford Web Publishing.

  3. Polynesia Polynesia! is a non-profit corporation whose objective is to preserve and perpetuate cultures of the Polynesians through education and hands-on instruction.

  4. Oceania Numerous links regarding Australia, New Zeland, East Timor, and others, part of the Ethnic World Survey supported by Ciemen.

  5. Pacific Islands Monthly, an online a magazine dedicated to covering news and events for the Pacific region.

  6. Background Notes, prepared by the U.S. State Department for almost 30 east Asia and Pacific countries.

  7. Association of South East Asian Nations recent news stories.

  8. Taiwan Daily Newswire, supported by the Central News Agency.

  9. Malaysian News, supported by The Star Online, offers extensive daily coverage.

  10. Asia/Pacific News, extensive daily coverage, supported by the Washington Post.

  11. Café Pacific, news media, independent information sources, progressive movements, environmental groups and Pacific research sites in the region, supported by David Robie.

  12. Small Islands Information Network, an easily accessible electronic information network to link people interested in small islands with each other and with information relevant to small islands, supported by the University of Prince Edward Island.

  13. Maps of Australia and the Pacific, produced by the CIA and supported by The University of Texas at Austin.

  14. Philippines Links with more than 2000 links in 20 categories, supported by Yahoo.

  15. Pacific Islander Heritage in the Parks. A list of parks based on their cultural and historic significance, with links to more detailed history, supported by NPS.

  16. Native Hawaiian Advisory Council educates and advocates to sustain and foster the Hawaiian Spirit and cultural, spiritual and economic values.

  17. Native Hawaiian Data Book, supported by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, opens April 1, 1999.

  18. Pacific Islanders Cultural Association, a California-based group promoting Hawaiian culture on the West Coast.

  19. Documents From Melanesia, Polynesia and the Pacific, a list of source documents relating to Hawaii and the south Pacific, supported by the Fourth World Documentation Project.

  20. Hawaii Home Page with lists of links for business, education, government, media, organizations, and visitors.

  21. Traditional Hawaiian Methods, including counting, measurement, aqua culture, and more.

  22. Asian Pacific American Heritage Council (APAHC), is a volunteer led coalition of over twenty non-profit organizations, representing over nine million Asian Pacific Americans.

  23. Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC), founded in 1985, is an inter-agency organization of Asian Pacific American employees, representing over 50 Federal agencies. It is the principal organization behind Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May each year.

  24. The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival, at the Japan America Theatre since 1983, has become Southern California's premiere venue for the celebration and promotion of films and videos by Asian Pacific American and Asian international cinema artists.