The Hearing

If you request a hearing, you will be allowed to present witnesses and evidence on your behalf. The Administrative Judge will have 180 days from the date the EEOC received your request for a hearing to conduct the hearing, issue findings and conclusions and a recommended decision on your complaint.

The hearing is recorded and transcribed verbatim. The Administrative Judge will issue a recommended decision and forward it to the Director, OEO.

If You Do Not Ask For A Hearing

If you do not ask for either a hearing or a decision without a hearing within 30 calendar days after you receive the notice of election described above, the Director, OEO, may issue an immediate final decision based upon the evidence in the ROI.

The Final Decision

The Departmental OEO as the esignee of the Secretary will issue you a final decision on your complaint within 60 calendar days from (a) the date of your request for en immediate decision, (b) the end of the 30-day period after you receive the notice of election, or (c) the date of its receipt of the Administrative Judge's recommended decision. The Departmental OEO must give you.

If a hearing has been conducted, copy of the Administrative Judge's recommended decision along with its final decision on your complaint. If the Director, OEO, decides to reject or modify the Administrative Judge's recommended decision, specific reasons must be provided for doing so in the final decision on your complaint.

If dissatisfied with the agency's final decision, you may, within 30 calendar days of the date on which you received the decision or notice of dismissal, appeal the decision to the Director, Office of Federal Operations, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, P.O. Box 19848, Washington, DC 20036.