Position: _________________________________________________________

In order to determine whether relocation expenses will be paid for an employee or outside candidate selected to fill the above-referenced position would be in the government's interests, I considered the factors checked below:

_____ (1) the quality and quantity of available candidates in the local commuting area;

_____ (2) the diversity of the local candidate pool;

_____ (3) time constraints for filling the position;

_____ (4) alternative considerations for meeting the human resource needs, such as details,

training, automation, etc.;

_____ (5) the availability of funds for payment of relocation expenses;

_____ (6) the existence of direct hire authority for the position;

_____ (7) the need to provide incentives to prospective candidates due to labor shortages,

working conditions, or other factors;

_____ (8) the possibility of offering other financial incentives such as a relocation bonus,

recruitment bonus, advance pay, etc.

Based on my consideration of the above factors, I have concluded that it

_____ is _____ is not

in the government's interest to pay relocation expenses. Any vacancy announcement or other solicitation for this position will be consistent with this determination.


Management Official's Signature/Date