301-11.1 - Will I receive per diem if I perform temporary duty (TDY) at or near my permanent duty station and/or my residence?

You will not receive per diem if your temporary duty is within 50 miles of your duty station or your residence, unless the travel conditions are so severe returning to your residence would endanger your health and safety or you are attending a conference. If your travel involves severe conditions or you are attending training or a conference, the official designated by your bureau may approve per diem for duty in excess of 12 hours that is at least 30 miles from both the residence and permanent duty station. Per diem will not be paid for TDY performed, training or conference attendance within 30 miles of your permanent duty station or residence.

301-11.2 - When does the clock start running for determining whether I traveled 12 hours or more?

The clock starts running when you depart your residence or your permanent duty station, whichever is the later. If you go to your duty station prior to starting a temporary duty trip, your trip time will not start until you depart the permanent duty station.

301-11.3 - If I don't have to show the beginning and ending travel times, how can you determine the number of hours I was in a travel status?

You must show the starting and ending times for all travel of less than 24 hours.

301-11.4 - When are my temporary duty travel reimbursements considered taxable income?

When you receive subsistence payments (per diem) for travel of 24 hours or less that does not require lodging and all per diem payments for TDY travel that is expected to last for 1 year or more. The tax on travel of 24 hours or less will not be reimbursed; however, the income tax imposed on travel payments for TDY anticipated to last 1 year or more are reimbursed (See Income Tax Reimbursement Allowance (IRTA)).

301-11.5 - If I am on TDY that extends over a weekend, may I go to another location for the weekend and still draw per diem?

Yes, you may go to another location for the non duty hours and be paid per diem not to exceed the amount you would have received at your TDY point.

301-11.6 - If I am on leave for more than half of the work hours on the day preceding a non workday or the workday following a non work day, will I receive per diem for the non work day?

No, you must be in a per diem status on the day preceding and the day following a non workday to receive per diem.

301-11.7 - When does my per diem entitlement terminate if I take leave while on TDY.

Your per diem will terminate at 12:00 midnight the day before the day when your leave is equal to more than one half of the work hours for the day.

301-11.8 - If my temporary duty location becomes my permanent duty location, when does my per diem entitlement and rental car authorization terminate?

Your per diem terminates at midnight of the day you are notified that the TDY location is your new permanent duty station, unless you are expected to return to your old duty station and perform substantial work prior to the transfer becoming effective.


301-11.231 - What are camp rates?

Camp rates are per diem rates established by the land management bureaus to cover the travel expenses of employees that must eat and lodge at other than commercial facilities.

301-11.232 - Who are camp rates applicable to?

All similarly situated travelers at a duty location. Camp rates are established and apply to all personnel utilizing the facilities of the camp.

301-11.233 - Is the same rate paid at all camps?

No, the rates are set based on the conditions and facilities available at each camp site.

301-11_234 - Is my camp rate per diem reduced on the first and last day of TDY?

No, Camp rates constitutes reduced per diem rates and are not reduced for the first and last day of travel.


301-11.301 - If I have approval for actual lodging expenses, is the maximum calculated using the lodging rate or the total maximum locality per diem rate for the locality?

The maximum allowable lodging expense is determined by multiplying the total locality per diem rate (lodging and M&IE) by 3, and subtracting the M&IE rate from the total. Example: Lodging rate $100, M&IE $42, Total locality rate $142. Maximum actual lodging that can be approved or paid is (3 X $142)-$42=$384.

301-11.302 - If I am authorized actual lodging and meal expenses, do I have to itemize my meals when my lodging expenses equal or exceed the maximum actual expense allowance?


301-11.303 - If I am authorized actual lodging and meal expenses, will my per diem be reduced for the first and last day of travel?

Yes, because the maximum per diem for these days are less. The maximum allowable actual expenses will be less, since actual expenses are based on maximum allowable per diem.