See Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget Memorandum, Federal Travel Regulation; Mandatory Use of the Government -Issued Charge Card for Travel - Final Rule, dated March 29, 2000.

Also, see FAM 2001-04 Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998 (PL 105-264) - Federal Travel Regulation - Final Rule as Revised. Memo seen below.

February 6, 2001


To: Bureau Assistant Directors, Administration

Chief Executive Officer, National Business Center

Bureau Finance Officers

Finance Officer, Financial Management Services

Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management

From: Theodore Woronka /s/

Deputy Director, Office of Financial Management

Subject: Travel and Transportation Act - Revised Procedures

As you may recall, the General Services Administration (GSA) issued Interim Rule 8 on July 16, 1999, to provide implementing regulations for certain sections of the Travel and Transportation Act of 1998 (PL 105-264). Additional refinements to GSA's regulations were issued on January 19, 2000 and April 21, 2000 in the Federal Register.

The purpose of this FAM is to revise the procedures issued under FAM 2000-011 to adjust for the regulation changes pertaining to employee relocation travel, and the procedures for aging travel vouchers to determine if payments are made late. In summary, the changes stipulate:

  • Only en route and house hunting trips are subject to late payment penalties and to be eligible must be submitted on separate vouchers. (If a voucher for relocation expenses includes en route and house hunting trips it does not need to be returned as an improper voucher.)

  • The aging process for late payment penalties begins upon receipt of the voucher in the designated approving official's office. If the receipt date is not annotated, then a constructive receipt date of five calendar days after the voucher was signed by the traveler will apply.

  • Vouchers submitted electronically to the designated approving official will be the date considered received unless submitted after normal working hours -- in such cases the next business day will apply.

  • Until May 1, 2002, improper vouchers are to be returned to the traveler as soon as possible. On May 1, 2002, a voucher deemed improper must be returned to the traveler within seven working days.

For your information and action attached are the revised procedures, a copy of the Department's policy memorandum regarding Mandatory Use of the Government-Issued Charge Card for Travel issued by the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget on March 29, 2000, and a copy of the April 21, 2000, Federal Register announcement.

The revised procedures are to be implemented immediately. Should you have any questions or require additional information on this subject, please contact Bill Webber on (202) 208-5684.

Prior Financial Administration Memorandums on this subject:

  • 2000-011 Dated May 1, 2000 - Inactive

  • 99-032 dated August 11, 1999 - Inactive

  • 98-031 dated November 16, 1998 - Active