Part 302-10 Allowances for Transportation and Emergency Storage of Privately Owned Vehicles

General Rules

302-10.1 - Must I obtain approval to ship my POV?


302-10.2 - Who must I get to approve shipment of my POV?

The travel approving official must approve the shipment by including it as one of the authorized allowances stated on your travel authorization.

302-10.3 - If my travel authorization does not include approval to ship a POV and I ship my POV, will I be reimbursed for the cost of shipping?

No, shipment of a POV must be authorized as necessary for you to receive reimbursement.

302-10.4 - If my POV does not meet the environmental and safety standards of the United States, will the Department ship it for me?

No, to be eligible for shipment a POV must meet environmental and safety standards.

302-10.5 - May I be reimbursed for shipment of a POV of foreign manufacture that does not meet United States environmental and safety standards?


302-10.6 - May I ship a leased vehicle as a POV?

No, you may not ship a leased POV at Government expense.

302-10.7 - Will DOI reimburse me for the cost of breaking a POV lease?

No, expenses associated with breaking a POV lease are not reimbursable.

Transportation of a POV Wholly Within the Continental United States (CONUS)

302-10.301 - May I ship one POV and drive another POV to my new official station?

No, the purpose of authorizing shipment of a POV is to expedite your arrival at the new duty station. A determination that it is more advantageous and cost effective to the Government to transport your POV to the new official station and pay commercial transportation charges for you and your family is required before authorizing shipment of a POV.

302-10.302 - I must report to my new official station several weeks before my immediate family can join me, may I ship one POV and allow my family to drive the other?

Yes, if there is compelling reasons that your family cannot accompany you to the new official station. However, family travel to the new official station must not be concurrent with your travel to the new official station.

302-10.303 - If I ship my POV to my new official station, will the Government pay for shipping additional personal items by air freight or pay excess baggage charges.

No, your bureau does not have the authority to authorize or reimburse air freight charges or excess baggage charges for personal items shipped within CONUS.

302-10.304 - If I ship my POV will I be reimbursed for car rental or taxi cabs at my new official station until my POV arrives?

No, the cost of commuting to and from your place of duty may not be authorized or reimbursed. Additionally, the Government cannot provide a Government vehicle for the purpose of commuting to and from work while waiting for the arrival of a POV that has been shipped.

302-10.305 - Is the reimbursement for shipment of my POV covered by the relocation income tax (RIT) allowance?

Government reimbursements for shipment of a POV are not reported as income; thus, there is no RIT allowance coverage.

302-10.306 - Will my POV continue to be covered by my insurance policy while being transported to my new duty station?

The coverage may vary between different insurance companies; therefore, you should consult your insurance company regarding the coverage your policy offers during shipment.

302-10.307 - Does the Government provide insurance on my POV while it is being shipped?

Yes, the carrier is required to provide insurance on your POV, if it is shipped on a GBL.

302-10.308 - I want to ship my POV as part of my household goods, is this permitted?

No, a POV cannot be considered as part of your household goods. A POV must be shipped on a separate GBL.